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Bullrun Monitor

Bullrun’s Monitor©, integrates back-office accounging data with front-office functions delivering real-time investment analytics to the investment advisor. Review fundamentals for EQ, MF & FI instruments, compare portfolios to benchmarks/models and have client information at your fingertips.

                                          Product Deliverables

Summary Page

• Intraday status of the Market Value of each accounts
• The Top/Bottom Movers within your book of business
• Market Indices – view how the markets are moving in user selected indices

Market Indices

• Index and constituent level details and information
• Customizable views and listings of an Index’s constituents
• Index price details and charts

Account Overview

• Total Positions: the asset allocation of the total portfolio and drill down to review data of on each individual security held.

• Equity Only/Mutual Fund Only/Bond Only/Options Only View: view securities only in the specified asset class and choose from data elements specific to that asset class.

Asset Allocation

• Breakdown of portfolio by equity, bond and cash asset classes
• Graphical depiction of portfolio asset allocation


• Overview of portfolio to a specified benchmark
• Compare the portfolio to the benchmark by sector weights, valuation measures, growth rates and other financial fundamentals for your portfolios and benchmark


• Export all data elements to Excel spreadsheet for further data analysis
• Standard PDF Report Templates available


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