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Bottomline Global Transactions (GT) Suite®

Bottomline GT- Global Transactions Suite®
Making complex business payments – Simple, Smart & Secure

Bottomline’ Global Transactions (GT) Suite® is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for payments, cash management, matching, reconciliation, business flows integration, data management and fraud protection.

Each modular solution within Bottomline GTSuite® is available separately or combined, depending on business requirements. This flexibility extends to the deployment model – available as in in-house licensed product application or alternatively provided as an outsourced global hosted service.

The GTSuite® is comprised of the following outstanding best-in-class solutions:

  • GTCash® & GTLiquidity®: It helps banks, financial institutions and large organisations manage global cash and liquidity positions by offering cash visibility – management – forecasting - pooling and consolidate various payments flows in one single window.
  • GTExchange®: Powerful and fully configurable, it provides a total connection to a full range of SWIFTNet services and other external and internal networks. It supports high volume and complex message flows from multiple counterparties in any format.
  • GTFrame®: Regardless of the format and protocol; it ensures complete interoperability between legacy, national, SEPA and XML messaging standards. It provides comprehensive transformation and business flows integration services.
  • GTMatch®: Is an enterprise-wide reconciliation and exception management solution that improves operational efficiency whilst reducing risk exposure; it provides real-time reconciliation and visibility across all business lines and market instruments.
  • GTData®: Provides organisations with a sophisticated high volume market data management solution, integrating global data from a full spectrum of participants and information sources.
  • GTSanctions: Provides best-in-class risk assurance and compliance cloud-based services, delivering comprehensive Sanctions Filtering, Duplicate Checking, Management Information Reporting and Anomaly detection.

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Protect payments across a variety of applications, channels and payment types. Secure payments actions using highly configurable strategies, leveraging industry-leading analytical models which include profiling and machine learning.

GT Suite (Bridge, Cloud, Data, Exchange, Frame, Match)

GTSuite is comprised of individual and modular components, each providing best-in-class solutions for financial transactions. Relied upon each day by the world’s largest financial institutions, monetary authorities and corporations, GTSuite is available as a licensed application or provided as a hosted service via GTCloud.

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Accelerate your data strategy with a globally accessible repository that enables an end-to-end view of all financial messages.