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Through the innovative BITA Star product, BITA Risk (a COR-FS company) provides Client Risk Profiling and Portfolio Risk Management for the private client investment management, family office and private banking sectors.

BITA Star provides the private client wealth industry with a powerful application that analyses a clients risk profile, suggests suitable investments, and analyses and reports on the resultant portfolio. Designed with the industry and proven in implementation, a BITA Star implementation provides a consistent and transparent process. It addresses the business issues of KYC, suitability, consistency, efficiency, marketing and client reporting, in the areas of client take-on, strategic asset allocation, portfolio monitoring and management.

BITA Star is a workflow based application that is appropriate for a range of investment services from bespoke asset allocation through model, multi-manager and product based portfolios to stock level advisory and discretionary accounts. BITA Star builds upon the proven BITA Curve investment research platform to help create and analyse portfolios based around client specific requirements both for income and capital growth, and sensitivity to risk.

BITA Star provides the following key features:

  • Key Point Profiling of clients risk, return and yield requirements with feedback report
  • Powerful underlying risk and optimisation engine providing client portfolio analysis and supporting model fund building
  • Matching and filtering of asset class and product selection to client Key Point Profile™
  • Suggested strategic asset allocation or product portfolio based on the clients profile and house views
  • Comparative detailed report of current and proposed portfolios including historic scenarios
  • On-going monitoring of portfolio risk
  • Proven multi asset class and multi currency factor based risk model

BITA Star delivers the following key benefits:

  • Consistent client profile assessment and portfolio construction
  • Regulatory needs of client understanding and suitability of investment
  • Efficiency through improved relationship manager tools
  • Improved and more sophisticated client service
  • Support of the client acquisition process with very high quality presentation and reporting
  • Solid foundation to client relationships, working with clients to establish their needs and expectations
  • Clear demonstration to clients of how the investment process is matched to their needs

Overall BITA Star delivers a documented, transparent process that stands up to scrutiny by all parties.

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