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Tim R Brazier
[email protected]

BCBS 239 Strategic Risk Data Framework

We offer a strategic approach to BCBS 239 and unique risk data framework. This allows the bank to aggregate multiple data sources, align diverse stakeholders and reconcile disparate processes in a timely, meaningful manner across hard-wired structural, technological and behavioural silos.

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MiFID II FICC Safeguarding Support

We are market-leaders in OTC markets, derivatives regulation and change. We help clients – digest the implications of MiFID II – develop new models for FICC business, optimised for MiFID II world – deliver the execution and compliance workstreams necessary to meet demanding new requirements.

Bilateral Margining

We help clients understand and select the best possible initial margin model in the context of a changing OTC infrastructure landscape (more reporting, more compression, more messaging aggregation and faster collateral moves). This significantly reduces their exposure to expensive margin disputes.

Intraday Liquidity Management Model

Our model helps banks understand their intraday payment flows better. This leads to few transactions and increased netting; reduced short balances and greater payment control, a smaller liquidity buffer and real time reconciliation of payment and receipts, allowing intraday alerts on credit lines.