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London, UK Office

Royal London House 22-25 Finsbury Square


415 277-9900


Andrew Luca
[email protected]

BankServ TurboFileAct

FileAct is a new secure and nonrepudiable file transfer service that SWIFT have recently made available on the IP network. TurboFileAct is BankServ’s product which allows our customers to leverage this service.

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OFAC Filter

In conjunction with ChoicePoint Bridger Systems™, the TurboSwift OFAC filter provides a fully integrated Anti-Money Laundering solution as a plug in to an existing system.

BankServ TurboSwift

TurboSwift is BankServ’s accredited SWIFT interface.SWIFTNet FIN certified,it is uniquely prepared to meet all your SWIFT messaging needs including:Internet access to FXTurboSwift functions such as message entry and repair,inquiries,routing and queuing at any time from any location.

BankServ SWIFT Service Bureau

The BankServ SWIFT Service Bureau is a reliable, cost-effective method enabling both new and existing members of SWIFT to send and receive financial messages in a trusted & secure environment.