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Bank Account Manager

A solution for increased efficiency, control and compliance in the management of bank accounts:
– Efficient, secure and audit-proof management of all corporate-wide bank relationships, data and documents
– Flexible assignment of access rights for roles and authorisations and user-friendly workflows
– Simple performance of inventory processes and audit trails
– Up-to-date reporting and creation of documents
– Standardised XML message exchange for eBAM
– Complete SAPand Non-SAP ERP Integration
– ISO 27001 certification
– Web-based Software as a Service technology and future-proofed solution | [email protected]

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TIS Cloud Platform

TIS is the leading cloud platform for managing corporate payments, liquidity and bank relationships worldwide. The company delivers SMART PAYMENTS to help customers make BETTER DECISIONS. The main components include: TIS Bank Account Manager, for increased efficiency, control and compliance in the management of bank accounts. And TIS Bank Transaction Manager for transparency, automation and …

Bank Transaction Manager

A comprehensive solution that enables companies to successfully manage payments, liquidity and bank relationships: – Multi-bank capable platform for company-wide, automated payment processes – Complete visibility and control over liquid assets, releases for payment (including limits) and cash flow – All ERP, HR, and treasury systems connected, SAP integration via certified SAP plug-in – Web-based …