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Brdiget Charles
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AXS-One Enterprise Content Management

The AXS-One Enterprise Content Management solutions are scalable, secure archival and collaboration platforms which manage content from line-of-business and legacy systems. Providing solutions for CRM, COLD/ERM, content presentment, electronic self-service and process management,

AXS-One Enterprise Content Management solutions provide consistent access throughout the enterprise. Offering support for such business content as reports, images, E-mail, ERP and more, AXS-One delivers dynamic technology to facilitate Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Disaster Recovery, SEC Compliance, Front/Back-office Analytics and Process Management.

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Rapid-AXS (TM)

Rapid-AXS™ is a component of the AXS-One Compliance Platform™ that delivers ground-breaking “rapid access” search performance across massive volumes of archived data, leveraging low-cost commodity hardware.  The patent-pending technology was developed specifically to help companies search through massive volumes of data, locate and retrieve content with speed, accuracy and flexibility. Meeting the demands for records …

AXS-One Information Lifecycle Management

Information Lifecycle Management from AXS-One allows a company to manage information across the whole organisation, rather than store it in separate best-of-breed departmental systems separate from enterprise-wide communications systems. It can combine transactional information with electronic mail and other unstructured information, so you are in a better position to make decisions, manage the business, react …

AXS-Link for SAP™ R/3®

AXS-Link for SAP™ R/3® utilises SAP ArchiveLink® to link the R/3 System with optical and other archive storage systems. AXS-Link is a cross-application interface providing R/3 business applications with archive functionality. Users can archive, display and retrieve SAP print lists, incoming and outgoing documents and SAP data. AXS-Link for SAP R/3 provides a seamless interface …