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Joseph Caplan
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AssetReader Software

AssetReader allows lender Operations and Auditors to upload electronic data reports from Borrower reports. Reports such as Excel, PDF, Text and other documents are converted to tabular data that is then summarized for Commercial Lending / Asset based Lending and Borrowing Base purposes.

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Using data from AssetReader, the AssetArchive system gathers the imported data to a database (SQL-Server) for time-series analysis, hot spots and risk identification. An optional confirmation module feeds off of the same risk-based analysis. We can’t stop fraud, but we can reduce the chance of it.


The #1 Asset Based Lending field examination software for the collection of data and report preparation. Includes the ability to import from other examiners, consolidate unlimited divisions and has a complete word processing feature set for reports. Over 140 workpapers, supported since 1996.