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Daniella M Huggins
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Application Tap

Application Tap offers a patented, high precision approach to in-application instrumentation, with minimal performance overhead.

Application Tap can be applied on a single application or used to gain a unified view across distributed environments.  Developers can very easily integrate this powerful solution, enabling users within testing and production environments to benefit from a fine grained view of the particular components introducing performance issues.

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Velocimetrics enables financial institutions to track and continuously analyse the real-time status of all orders, trades or payments being processed. Delivering complete operational oversight, users are instantly alerted to any changes to the way in which these items are flowing that could indicate emerging performance, operational risk, client experience or regulatory concerns. To effectively track …


TipOff enables capital market participants to effectively measure and manage performance in extremely fast moving and high volume environments, pinpointing opportunities for improvement. Capturing, decoding and normalising 100% of data received, TipOff provides real-time and retrospective analysis with access to detailed network, middleware and market data insight. TipOff’s precise instrumentation enables performance issues to be …