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GMR is a dynamic motor of business strategies. This tool consists of a software platform that allows the noncomputing skilled analyst of the Risk Department of a financial organization to manage, parameterise and to implement credit risk evaluation models. Possible to work together with AIS SIC.

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New methodology of calculation of economic capital and stress testing for credit risk. Capable of modeling all risk components, thus allowing credit portfolio stress testing to be carried out in a robust way. -New scenario concept -PD & LGD modeling using macroeconomic covariants -VARMA models

AIS Credit scoring

Automatic loan evaluation system, for customers and non-customers It evaluates the concession of personal loans, mortgages or credit cards. It can be reactive or proactive Macroeconomic variables incorporation possible to forecast default Behavioral scorings and collection scorings SaaS service


SCACS brings together in a unique modular platform the whole credit risk management for all business segments of the entity, from retail banking to operations with big corporations, including all the intermediate groups such as selfemployed people and SMEs.