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Advantage Fee

Advantage Fee from Tegra118 is a comprehensive fee billing and revenue management solution. For over 30 years, it has helped financial institutions worldwide support flexible, highly complex and fast-changing fee structures with efficient, controlled invoicing.

Revenue Management and Fee Billing Features:

  • Real-time revenue management: Track revenue, monitor outstanding client balances and report to the general ledger, with the ability to roll up and aggregate as needed. Supports accrual accounting methods for more effective tracking.
  • Flexible configuration and calculation methodologies: Leverage a robust, flexible calculation engine to handle any type of fee structure, service agreement, currency, exchange rate, invoice format or language.
  • Invoicing and statements: Streamline invoice and statement generation with automation technology. Access options to utilize out of the box templates or customize to your brand and business.
  • Revenue forecasting: Create rolling forecasts based on key variables and anticipated business events, such as new business and product offerings, pricing strategies and rate shifts.
  • Process automation: Centralize disparate sources of information to a single, streamlined platform and leverage a powerful workflow system for more efficient operations.