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ActivFeed is our consolidated North American datafeed solution, providing real-time streaming North American prices and supporting data.

ACTIV delivers the feed as a set of IP multicast streams from our data centers in New York and Chicago. The data is received and processed at your site by our server components.

The multicast stream is heavily compressed to reduce client bandwidth costs. Reliability over WAN links is ensured by various means, including diverse routing, datagram-level arbitration and Forward Error Correction (FEC).

ActivFeed contains stock, option, future, future option, index, forex, fund and bond data from all significant North American sources, plus fundamental data, news and corporate events. The current exchange coverage list is available here.

We continuously monitor the health and performance of our data collection facilities, as well as client-sited ACTIV components.

The data in our real-time system is continuously managed by our dedicated DBA team.

Software written against our APIs works the same way whether the data source is ActivFeed Direct, ActivFeed or a hybrid of the two.

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ActivFeed API

APIs are the programmers interface to ACTIVs technology. Our available APIs are: ActivFeed API Our lightweight market data subscription API is available in C++, Microsoft .NET and COM bindings; and gives uniform access to all types of market data, including current prices, time-series, fundamental data and news. ActivServerContribution API This C++ API supports high-bandwidth contribution …


ActivMiddleware is a layered suite of shrink-wrapped software components for building large-scale real-time distributed systems and underpins all tiers of ACTIVs datafeed products. ActivMessaging, our ultra-high-performance messaging substrate, can deliver arbitrarily large messages over shared memory, IPv4 or IPv6. Synchronous and asynchronous point-to-point messaging is supported, as well as publish-subscribe. ActivDatabase, our high-performance real-time database …

ActivFeed Direct

ActivFeed Direct is suitable for clients who need the lowest possible latency from their market data solution without the cost of maintaining feed handlers and aggregating supporting data. Our Feed Handler / Translator components are installed on your site, processing feeds that you take direct from the exchange sources. This architecture minimizes the number of …