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Urs V. Rutschmann
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Actant Trading Solutions

Actant Trading Solutions. Actant Quote - One of the most effective and configurable quote management and trading solutions on the market. We design highly sophisticated solutions for market makers, liquidity providers and other market participants that incorporate their requirements for robustness, stability, safety and flexibility. Actant designs systems to be open and interfaceable, for market making and complimentary activities, including brokerage, web execution, buy-side/sell-side connectivity and surveillance.

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Actant Risk

Real time portfolio risk management for professional equity options trading and market-making. Actant Risk is a customizable, flexible risk solution that works with existing trading systems to aggregate and view risk multi-dimensionally, all in real time.

Actant ExStream

Intelligent Trading Actant ExStream is a low latency automated trading program that actively scans the market for trading opportunities and automatically initiates trades and other actions in order to capture those opportunities, based on user defined criteria and parameters. ExStream facilitates the rapid development of trading algorithms. Its in-built programming language is designed to support end …

Actant Quote

AQTOR is designed for market participants who require automated large scale quote management and trading solutions. Being the inventor of market scripting, our key differentiators are speed, versatility, automation and control. AQTOR’s uniqueness is that it provides the trader with an ability to compile automatedtrading strategies directly into the application. Traders can therefore program AQTOR …