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Katrina Dixon
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Aconite EMV Transaction Enabler

Aconite EMV Transaction Enabler provides a low impact, low risk yet comprehensive solution to EMV authorisation processing. It performs the EMV-specific processing, leaving the existing authorisation system to continue handling card, account and fund checks.

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Aconite Affina Enterprise

A highly flexible smart product management system that securely manages a portfolio of smart products consisting of business applications (e.g. mobile banking, transit ticketing, secure identity) running on smart devices (chip-enabled cards; tokens like key fobs and wrist bands; and mobile phones).

Aconite Risk Status Translator

Provides issuers with the ability to automatically react to changes in a card’s risk status by issuing an appropriate EMV script and dynamically change a card’s behaviour. Provides card issuers with improved card control and reduced risk.

Aconite PrePaid Value Manager

Delivers the ability to manage prepaid and pre-authorised smart card products by building on a card issuer’s existing card issuing systems, providing a fast-track, low risk, reduced cost entry into this lucrative market.