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Katrina Dixon
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Aconite EMV Script Processor

A comprehensive solution for generating and delivering scripts to EMV card base. Enables cards issuers to control their card base after issue and is therefore essential support for fraud prevention, i.e. sending card block scripts, credit control and customer service scripts.

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Aconite EMV Transaction Enabler

Aconite EMV Transaction Enabler provides a low impact, low risk yet comprehensive solution to EMV authorisation processing. It performs the EMV-specific processing, leaving the existing authorisation system to continue handling card, account and fund checks.

Aconite Affina Enterprise

A highly flexible smart product management system that securely manages a portfolio of smart products consisting of business applications (e.g. mobile banking, transit ticketing, secure identity) running on smart devices (chip-enabled cards; tokens like key fobs and wrist bands; and mobile phones).

Aconite Risk Status Translator

Provides issuers with the ability to automatically react to changes in a card’s risk status by issuing an appropriate EMV script and dynamically change a card’s behaviour. Provides card issuers with improved card control and reduced risk.