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Accelerate ECO

Accelerate ECO enables users to analyse loss data and other operational risk information to model and quantify capital charge for Basel II operational risk.

Chase Cooper’s Accelerate Economic Capital Optimiser (ECO) module is based on our proprietary mathematical engine as well as Monte Carlo Simulation to assess capital charge based on existing loss event history and available external data. This provides a clear and unambiguous roadmap to AMA compliance.

The key features of Accelerate ECO are:

  • Industry-accepted modelling processes to create a proprietary statistical function that is applied to loss data to calculate the Operational Risk capital charge
  • Enables focusing on business issues and by embedding highly complex probabilistic models makes it easy to use without detailed mathematical knowledge
  • Multiple data sources and individual weightings
  • Support of multiple distributions
  • Correlations of business lines to loss types
  • Absolute as well as Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Comparison of losses by business line and loss type
  • Cell level distribution
  • Option to use "n" x "n" matrix for business lines x loss types
  • Ability to select user configurable confidence intervals
  • Model evolves with process and data capture
  • Basel II AMA Compliant

For more information on our Accelerate Operational Risk Management Suite you are invited to attend one of our free 15 minute Accelerate presentations.

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