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360 Dome provides unlimited viewing angles of an entire area

Reduce the number of cameras you install and maintain with the MegaPX 360 Indoor Dome. This fixed, indoor IP camera captures 360° and 180° panoramic overviews of your entire location in 5 MP resolution – eliminating blind spots.SMALL CAMERA, BIG PICTURE

To provide full coverage of an entire area, many facilities install multiple cameras in an attempt to capture that area from every possible angle and ensure there are no blind spots. This solution can be very costly when you take into account the number of cameras, lenses, mounts, etc., required to achieve full coverage, and there could still be blind spots.

The MegaPX 360 Indoor Dome from March Networksis an economical, fixed indoor IP dome that provides 360° coverage of the vicinity, with 5MP resolution. The camera also features a 180° panoramic mode when mounted to a wall. The MegaPX 360’s digital PTZ, with de-warping in the client, is ideal for indoor spaces where you need to see details of an entire area all at once with impressive resolution.


The panoramic 360° view reduces blind spots and captures the same amount of information typically required by multiple cameras. Flexible display modes allow you to set up your preferred viewing angles to target specific areas of interest.


The camera’s ability to stream in parallel to an internal microSDHC card or NAS device ensures redundant recording in the event of a network outage or server failure. When used with the March Networks Command™ software and hybrid NVRs, the solution’s Shadow Archiving™feature provides seamless access to redundant video for total fail-safe management. It does this by forming a “shadow” on the central recording server of all the data available on the camera and NAS devices.


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