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UK fintechs poised to save credit-starved SMEs

18th November 2020

Company: bobsguide
Viable businesses in Britain will require more low-cost finance for investment if they are to survive the blows of the pandemic – and it must come in the form of a “major commitment from the financial services industry”, warned the Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey in a speech this week. Also this week, Bank of... read more

The harmonisation of electronic trading, treasury and compliance

11th November 2020

For more than 30 years, Eurobase has been providing world-class, reliable, integrated treasury and trading solutions to banks and financial institutions worldwide. We asked Gill Bacon, business development director, banking to tell us why now, more than ever, integrating trading, treasury and sales operations can help navigate the ever-complex... read more

Why it’s important for travel to be SCA-ready

10th November 2020

Company: bobsguide
By Jean-Christophe Lacour, head of merchant services, payments, Amadeus It’s an unprecedented period in the history of the global travel industry, with the pandemic continuing to suppress the intrinsic demand for air travel that has helped the industry grow in the mid-to-high single digits, for each of the last ten years.  Clearly the... read more

Bank-fintech relationships in the dark until US election results declared

3rd November 2020

Company: bobsguide
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s (OCC) newly issued true lender rule for bank-nonbank lending relationships faces potential Congressional Review pending tomorrow’s US election results. “This [true lender] rule coming out now and going into full effect between the election and the inauguration is something that... read more

FMIs face more cyber threats than ever but remain robust to attacks

14th October 2020

Company: bobsguide
Despite growing risks of cyberattacks and the need to switch to remote working, Financial Market Institutions (FMIs) adapted well to the crisis, according to speakers at Sibos. “FMIs could quickly move to the new mode of working, especially during volatile markets. It all went smoothly,” said Fiona Van Echelpoel, deputy... read more

Banks compel regulators and intermediaries to harmonise payments

6th October 2020

Company: bobsguide
Regulatory divergence and poor data quality continue to limit advancements in instant payments, according to a banking panel at Sibos today. “In terms of the instant and general payments, probably the biggest challenge today… is the difference in regulatory approach by every country,” said Bruno Mellado, global head of... read more

ICC pushes interoperability standards for trade digitisation

5th October 2020

Company: bobsguide
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is working to standardise trade digitisation as pressure for interoperability mounts, according to Oswald Kuyler, managing director at the ICC. “A lot of these [trade] platforms are digital islands not because they choose to be, but because of the enormous challenges required to open them up.... read more

Why you need to prioritise KYC remediation in 2021

30th September 2020

Company: NorthRow
This year has been a year of change, with continued volatility and far reaching consequences for the way we do business. Customers are now transacting differently, meaning that the organisations that serve them need to be quick to adapt to market drivers and demands. A sign of the current challenges is an increase in the number of businesses... read more

ECB wants crypto alternative

30th September 2020

Company: bobsguide
Last week European Central Bank (ECB) president Christine Lagarde announced the central bank’s ambition to implement a digital euro. Lagarde’s statement shows the ECB is yet planning on staying ahead of big tech firms in the race for digital currencies, according to Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex. “Tech giants are... read more