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Forward-looking banks go to market for fintech elevation

18th September 2018

Company: bobsguide
“There’s a reluctance,” said Hans Tesselaar, executive director of the Banking Industry Architecture Network (Bian), when asked about banks’ attitudes to opening up their systems to third party fintech vendors. “Why should you open up all your very sensitive bank account information to third parties when all... read more

Legacy failings ramp up finance's digital costs

18th September 2018

Company: bobsguide
The recent CIO Survey by Couchbase, the innovative NoSQL database company, found that financial services spent twice the industry average spend on digital transformation in the last 12 months, or $42m compared to the average $24m. The reason may be that financial services CIOs are investing in the wrong things, according to Jes Breslaw, Director... read more

Designing a digital- and customer-first banking experience

13th September 2018

Company: bobsguide
Legacy banks have traditionally held the position of power but, shackled by the constraints of their own legacy issues, their efforts to withstand the tremors of disruption are starting to fall short. This shift in the financial landscape has given rise to a new breed of banking experience that answers the demands of savvy and time-poor... read more

Adapting to tokens: the simpler, the better

12th September 2018

Company: Comarch Finance
In my previous article, I tried to answer the fundamental question of why anyone would need a token. Today, we know we need it in order to keep our money safe. It is a good time to reflect on some token-related problems and try to come up with a solution. We will address those problems both from the production and usage sides, which,... read more

Case study: Dechra & Salmon

12th September 2018

With revenues doubling and rapid expansion leading to an increase from 16 to 36 global business units, Dechra Pharmaceuticals faced a major challenge in managing its cash and treasury operations across the group. In this case study, Dechra’s group treasurer Steve Card explains how they met the challenge. The company Dechra is an... read more

Challengers must seize Open Banking opportunity

7th September 2018

The open banking world has been greeted with mixed reactions, with enthusiasts pointing to better improved customer propositions and sceptics concerned about security. But few could disagree that the new measures place the customer in a solid position of power. With the CMA ranking banks on the quality of their service and banks required to share... read more

Systems drive trading agenda

6th September 2018

Company: bobsguide
Some vendors and brokerage firms claim to provide the best trading systems with diverse functions to assist traders, making it incredibly difficult for those aiming to make a purchase. However, several trading systems stand out of the crowd for their agility and adaptability. Tora Winner of the Trading System of the Year Award 2018, Tora was... read more

What next for banking technology?

6th September 2018

Company: bobsguide
Successful business owners require a clear understanding of their company’s financial positioning, establishing whether their security holdings and cash balances have breaks. In 2018, everyone wants to get this information quickly, correctly and cost-effectively. In bookkeeping, a bank reconciliation statement reveals the difference on an... read more

Collaboration key to creating perfect payment experience

3rd September 2018

Company: bobsguide
Payments is a fast-paced sector – new technologies and payment methods are entering the market all the time. This means that the way consumers want to pay for goods and services is rapidly diversifying, as each individual seeks out a more convenient, seamless payment experience. People are no longer happy to wait in line to hand over cash... read more

"China to remain fintech leader despite Trump's trade war"

31st August 2018

Company: bobsguide
“As Trump threatens a trade war with Beijing, companies around the world are all the more concerned with how they get money in and out of China,” said Raymond Qu, CEO of Geoswift, in a bobsguide webinar on August 30. “Ultimately a trade war is not good for anyone,” responded Skyler Webster, product lead for Western... read more