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Recovery and resolution: Why bank tech must be flexible and robust

13th January 2014

Company: BIAN
There has been a great deal of discussion in recent years about separating ‘zombie banks’ out into their ‘good’ and ‘bad’ parts in an effort to prevent the latter from contaminating the former, and how best to dispose of those failed institutions that cannot be rescued. Whatever recovery and resolution regime... read more

Future-gazing five key 2014 technology trends

10th January 2014

Company: IBM
IBM has unveiled a list of five key 2014 innovations that it believes have the potential to change the way people work, live and interact during the next five years as they grow and grow in importance. Martin Borrett, director of the IBM Institute for Advanced Security, explains why he thinks the interaction between cloud computing, big data... read more

Banks in 2014: It’s All About the Customer

8th January 2014

Company: Capgemini
The banking industry has gone through a tremendous amount of regulatory and operational IT change since the financial crisis of 2008, says Rosemary Stark, senior vice president and head of UK banking at the Capgemini consultancy. More change can be expected in 2014 with big data, mobile and social media technologies all impacting retail banking... read more

Top five FS predictions: Certeco sees reshoring & renewed customer focus via mobile ‘big data’ connected devices

7th January 2014

Company: Certeco
The year ahead will see a renewed focus on the customer by retail banks in the UK, US and elsewhere in the world, predicts Graham Smith, director of the Certeco consultancy. His top five picks of the key technology trends for 2014 resulting from this customer-centric approach, including investment in mobile channels, big data analytical tools... read more

Six predictions for mobile IT within financial services in 2014

6th January 2014

Company: bobsguide
It’s the time of year to look ahead and future-gaze. As such I’d like to outline my six predictions for 2014 for the provision of mobile IT services by financial services firms, says Ojas Rege, vice president of strategy at MobileIron, the device management vendor. When it comes to the future of the mobile channel and end point... read more

Changing customer comms at retail banks: The end of the banking autocracy?

6th January 2014

Company: Quadient
Banks in the past told us, the customer, when we could bank with them via the branch opening hours. This was revolutionised in the 1980s by the advent of call centres and latterly online banking with the internet revolution, and in this decade by the advent of mobile banking. Customer communication tools and technology often are not harnessed... read more

Welcome back: 2014 predictions and preview

2nd January 2014

Company: bobsguide
As a new year starts and 2014 stands before us it is natural to wonder what lies ahead over the next 12 months. Playing the predictions game is of course dangerous but there are some big events coming up soon, such as the migration end date of 1 Feb 2014 for the single euro payments area (SEPA), if it goes ahead, which are bound to impact the... read more

Was 2013 the year that contactless payments went mainstream?

20th December 2013

Company: bobsguide
As a payments professional it’s important to remind yourself that those outside of the industry just don’t think about payments very often, says Sandra Alzetta of Visa Europe, in this bobsguide blogger (aka contributing editor) article about contactless technology. When they do, it’s often either because the payment is getting... read more

The tech year in review and numbers

18th December 2013

Company: bobsguide
As 2013 draws to a close, minds naturally turn towards the most significant technology and finance events of the year and the standout stories and numbers of the year, such as the prevalence of cyber-security attacks and countermeasures, discussions about if big data is a big deal and if the cloud is going to rain on your parade as an internal... read more

Show Report: Bloomberg Enterprise Tech Summit discusses operations, trading and efficiency

11th December 2013

Company: bobsguide
The future of trading was discussed among much else at the 2013 Bloomberg Enterprise Tech Summit on 10 December at London’s Level 39 fintech space in Canary Wharf this week by Antoine Shagoury, chief operating officer (COO) at the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Alasdair Haynes, chief executive at the newcomer Aquis Exchange, writes Neil... read more