Retail Banking Systems Insights


How digital integrity and transformation empower retail banks against emerging competitors

28th April 2021

Retail banks have found themselves at the centre of the digital disruption shaking financial services. As well as direct competition from challenger and neobanks entering the sector, they also have to contend with the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Google and their peers looking to expand their already sizeable footprints into the banking space.... read more

SCA: Five months to go

27th April 2021

Company: Barclays
We’re five months away from the final regulatory deadline set by the Financial Conduct Authority for card issuers, payments firms and online retailers to implement Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). SCA is a regulatory requirement brought in to protect consumers and businesses from fraud, and to make online payments more secure. In... read more

Banking tech market updates: Microsoft and Mastercard in new strategic partnerships

23rd April 2021

Company: bobsguide
On April 22, US Fintech Ally announced a partnership with Microsoft to advance quantum computing in the financial services industry. The strategic relationship will leverage the latest research on quantum-inspired algorithms to understand how it can be applied in a broader commercial use. On April 21, London-based financial services company... read more

Banks enhance UX by accelerating investment in digital technologies

15th April 2021

Company: Profile Software
The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in banking, leading banks to faster adopt new digital delivery models. The rise of neo and digital banking became the new normal, with an emphasis on mobile banking services. Industry analysts predict the pandemic will only help these new, digital trends become a reality faster. The... read more

Banks must ‘speed up’ to match agility of fintechs, says Clearbank

12th April 2021

Banks must accelerate their digital transformation to meet fintechs’ needs, particularly as they are considered critical to the success and regulatory compliance of their fintech partners, according to research led by Clearbank. Whilst over half of fintechs expect their banks enabled them to maintain regulatory compliance, boost... read more

Banks and brokers encourage second EU research unbundling

31st March 2021

Company: bobsguide
Despite asset managers looking to negotiate prices down for specific areas of research after the second Markets in financial infrastructure directive (Mifid II) was implemented, some providers have been prepared to work at a loss for the ability to grow relationships, according to Mike Carrodus, CEO of Substantive Research. “Mifid II... read more

FIs battling reporting and data integrity challenges

29th March 2021

Not only have the operational challenges of remote working and market volatility stretched reporting teams to their limit since the beginning of the pandemic, financial institutions are expected to ‘do more with less’ whilst still complying with complex regulatory demands and operating under increased scrutiny. Many banks will have... read more

System integration facilitates regulatory compliance and improves P&L, says Finastra

17th March 2021

Company: Finastra
As the pandemic continues to drive digitalisation across industries, the benefits of adopting an integrated approach are recognised more than ever by risk managers. Whilst digital transformation combats former manual burdens, streamlining processes not only presents a compliance advantage but also an improved speed of reporting which can enable... read more

Agility is the mother of payments innovation, but legacy is still a sticking point

15th March 2021

Company: Compass Plus
For the first time, we’re in a consumer-driven world. We once did our banking with whoever had the nearest branch and we shopped with whoever had the best price or with the local store. Things have changed. Consumers are now in control, driving demand for slicker, more convenient, more personalised services across retail, commerce and... read more