Information for Sonia transition thin on the ground

14th February 2020

Though there is no doubt that the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) is expected to cease by the end of 2021, many in the industry are still trying to get their heads around some of the calculations for the alternative - the Sterling Overnight Index Average (Sonia). Since 2017, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority have spoken about the... read more

Small banks face increasing intraday liquidity pressure

12th February 2020

Company: Planixs
Pressure is mounting on smaller financial institutions not only to monitor, but to actively examine and control intraday liquidity in real-time. Since the financial crisis, intraday liquidity management has become a focus for regulators. In April 2013, the Basel Committee on Banking supervision published guidelines on monitoring tools for... read more

Banks seek software efficiency solutions to minimise tech spend

12th February 2020

Company: bobsguide
Fintechs that measure software efficiency may threaten tech jobs at large banks as management grapples with the shortcomings of legacy software, according to Jason Maude, chief technology advocate at Starling Bank. “I think junior engineers will be very worried and probably rightly so because they will now not only have to deliver the... read more

Buyers brief: asset managers must innovate to avoid shakeout

11th February 2020

Company: bobsguide
For more than a decade, the asset management industry has witnessed large-scale consolidation driven by increased margin pressures, as investors continue to shift their savings away from active funds in favour of cheaper passive investment strategies. This exodus from active funds shows little sign of slowing however, with US passive funds... read more

Six use cases for Open Banking that will change how you view it

11th February 2020

Company: DirectID
The last twenty-four months have seen the publication of hundreds upon hundreds of articles decrying the lack of impact that Open Banking has made upon the finance sector or for the consumer. Even those supportive of Open Banking continue to limit their horizons to some of the challenger banks or apps such as Moneybox or Money Dashboard which... read more

Liquidity management: the invisibility dilemma

10th February 2020

Invisible liquidity is unmanageable liquidity. This inconvenient truth remains as valid today as it has ever since the discipline of liquidity management first emerged. Furthermore, while it may be widely-acknowledged, it certainly isn't widely-resolved. The number of global multinationals who can honestly claim that their treasuries have 100... read more

Cyber security "starts with the board"

7th February 2020

Just as we rang in the 2020s, foreign exchange company Travelex found itself battling a well-coordinated ransomware and meticulously planned cyber- attack. This attack came as a timely reminder that, as financial firms extend their offering and reliance on all things digital, we can only expect the risk of cyber incidents to increase. No... read more

Pressure to standardise private equity reporting intensifies

7th February 2020

Company: bobsguide
Industry pressure for greater transparency may lead to standardisation of private equity reporting, investors and industry bodies indicate. A “non-commercial” approach is needed to data sharing between general partners (GPs) and its investors, limited partners (LPs), according to Lorelei Graye, founder and president of the... read more

Q&A: FDX’s Don Cardinal on a global API standard

6th February 2020

Company: bobsguide
As data transparency and protection gain prominence across financial services, the market is looking for a definitive global data sharing standard. In Europe, requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) have cracked down on financial data usage. Meanwhile, a market-led... read more

Real-time requirements disrupt trade reporting

5th February 2020

If the heavy compliance burden wasn’t already overwhelming financial institutions and broker-dealers, the accelerating shift to near real-time reporting is tipping many over the edge. For me, this was the most striking finding from a new research report, Meeting the challenges: Compliance and obligations across regulatory regimes,... read more