2013 Predictions for compliance, retail banking and security

8th January 2013

Company: bobsguide
As is usual at this time of year, the Bobsguide bunker HQ, has been receiving many submissions from vendors predicting what they think will be the big technology issues in the year ahead. In this compilation, collected by Neil Ainger, we take a look at some of the predictions for the compliance sector, including AML and the new regulatory... read more

Digital Natives – The Technology Know How Driving the Banks of the Future

10th December 2012

Company: bobsguide
The upcoming generation of digital natives born around the millennium will soon start to open their first bank accounts, if they haven’t done so already, and before you know it they will be entering the workplace and demanding that their technology needs are met. Adam Ripley, chairman of the Certeco consultancy, thinks that it is time to... read more

2013 Predictions: What comes after the financial services industrial revolution?

4th December 2012

Company: bobsguide
The director of financial services strategy at Pegasystems, Tony Tarquini, thinks that 2013 may at last see some moves towards cross-channel retail banking integration as post-industrial banking gets underway. Paul Tucker, the deputy governor of the Bank of England addressed the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) annual conference in... read more

Interview: Microsoft Technologists Explain How Big Data Adds Big Value

27th November 2012

Company: bobsguide
Big data was among the hot topics at this year’s Sibos 2012 trade show, so Richard Hartung sat down with a trio of technologists from Microsoft for their take on how financial institutions can best leverage big data. Hear from Microsoft’s industry solution director Colin Kerr, industry technology strategist for banking, Victor... read more
COBIT 5: A Framework to Help Corporates Fight Fraud?

COBIT 5: A Framework to Help Corporates Fight Fraud?

20th November 2012

Company: bobsguide
The fight against fraud is a constant arms race between criminals – both internal and external – seeking to breach a financial institutions (FIs) defences and the information security professionals trying to develop authentication and protection tools in time to meet the latest threats, says Allan Boardman, international vice... read more

Sibos Interview: Yawar Shah, Chair of SWIFT, on Sibos 2012 and the future of banking

8th November 2012

Company: bobsguide
Yawar Shah, a COO at Citi, chair of SWIFT and one of the main players at the Sibos 2012 trade show organised by the collective, spoke to Tom Groenfeldt last week in Osaka, Japan, about his reactions to the show, his career and what his thinks the future holds for the banking industry. Yawar Shah is chairman of the board of directors at... read more

All good things come to an end? Sibos 2012 reflections

6th November 2012

Company: bobsguide
With its audience of more than 6,000 registrants now safely ensconced back home after last week’s Sibos 2012 trade show in Osaka, Japan, Neil Ainger reflects on some of the major themes and talking points unveiled by the daily Bobsguide show report. This summary covers everything from the absence of the Chinese banks to the first ever... read more

Sibos 2012 – Day 4 Report: Compliance and innovation: mutually opposed?

1st November 2012

Company: bobsguide
The final day of the Sibos 2012 trade show in Osaka, Japan, featured much discussion about the over the counter (OTC) transparency changes post-crash as the first ever compliance track at the show came to a close, says Tom Groenfeldt. Meanwhile, elsewhere on site the Innotribe Award to the best tech start-up went to Playmoolah, a finance website... read more

Sibos 2012 – Day 3 Report: Payments and news from the exhibition

31st October 2012

Company: bobsguide
The third day of the Sibos 2012 trade show in Osaka, Japan, saw a plethora of new launches and announcements from the exhibition floor, not the least of which was SunGard’s new enterprise reconciliation product for Microsoft’s Windows 8, which has itself attracted some attention from the trade floor, says Tom Groenfeldt. A payments... read more

Sibos 2012 – Day 2 Report: Targeting securities and the rise of RMB

30th October 2012

Company: bobsguide
The second day of the Sibos 2012 trade show in Osaka, Japan, contained a discussion about the development of the Target2Securities (T2S) European securities settlement engine and a separate panel about the rise of China’s renminbi (RMB), says Tom Groenfeldt, reporting for Bobsguide. The slow development of the Target2Securities... read more