MPoS: Is the physical card or card reader dead?

1st October 2013

Company: bobsguide
Long experience has taught me to pay no attention whatsoever to any expression of public opinion about electronic transactions or the future - and most especially to ignore pronouncements on the future of electronic transactions, says bobsguide blogger Dave Birch of Consult Hyperion. So I don't know why I accidentally started looking at a... read more

Q&A Interview: SWIFT CIO Michael Fish reviews Sibos 2013 and technology trends

30th September 2013

Company: SWIFT
The chief information officer (CIO) at SWIFT, Michael Fish, acts as the global head of IT, operations and security for the collective, which handles messaging flows and transaction volumes for global cross-border payments, securities and increasingly compliance traffic. In this Q&A interview with bobsguide’s Neil Ainger, he shares his... read more

The Seven-Day UK Bank Account Switching Debate

30th September 2013

Company: Pegasystems
Over the past few weeks there’s been little escaping the news around the launch of the UK Current Account Switch Service, which is intended to simplify, automate and speed up the process of changing a bank account in the UK, writes Adrien Sherry, a solutions consulting manager at Pegasystems. What will be the impact of this momentous... read more

The takeaway dessert from the desert: Reflections on Sibos 2013

26th September 2013

Company: bobsguide
With the 7,500 delegates from the Sibos 2013 trade show in Dubai, UAE, now back home and hopefully recovered from their exertions last week, Neil Ainger reviews some of the major themes and discussion points revealed by the bobsguide daily show report. This summary covers everything from the obvious anger at the regulatory burden being placed upon... read more

Regulatory Change: A New World for OTC Derivatives as SEFs Swap Things Around

25th September 2013

Company: bobsguide
When the G20 leaders met in Pittsburgh, US, in September 2009 almost a year to the day since the collapse of Lehman Brothers the year before - which itself is now five long years ago - political leaders agreed that in future all over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives, including swaps, should be traded effectively ‘on exchange’. This... read more

Sibos 2013: Day 4 Report – Africa and Middle-East focus, vox pops and tech winners

19th September 2013

Company: bobsguide
The fourth and final day of Sibos 2013 focused on the growing Africa and Middle-East region with a whole day devoted to the banking, trading and technology opportunities in the area, writes Neil Ainger. The winners of the Innotribe Challenge were also announced overnight and the technology companies on the exhibition floor share their vox pop... read more

Sibos 2013: Day 3 Report – Compliance Forum channels frustration at regulatory overload

18th September 2013

Company: bobsguide
The fifth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers’ passed just three days ago and the ramifications of that momentous day are still being felt across the financial, technology and banking world as new regulations emanating from then come home to roost, writes Neil Ainger. The Compliance Forum at Sibos 2013 got underway today looking... read more

Sibos 2013: Day 2 Report – Market Infrastructure Change and Corporate Forum

17th September 2013

Company: bobsguide
The Market Infrastructure (MI) Forum at Sibos 2013 got underway today looking at the recovery and resolution plans now in the place for the industry post-crash and the technological changes necessary to make them happen, with the huge imminent changes under the TARGET2Securities (T2S) single euro securities settlement engine in Europe, which is... read more

Sibos 2013: Day 1 Report – Technology revolution or evolution

16th September 2013

Company: bobsguide
On the opening morning of Sibos 2013 in Dubai, UAE, crowds were queuing round the block to get in and not all of them happily in the 40 degree heat outside, writes Neil Ainger, but once inside the Technology Forum started out with a lively panel debate on if big data is a big deal? A CIO keynote from Commerzbank and BNY Mellon's respective... read more

Cloud computing in FS: An essential guide

12th September 2013

Company: bobsguide
In this first bobsguide blogger (aka contributing editor) submission from Barclays’ CIO Andrew Witney the issue of cloud computing is addressed. The pros and cons of private, public and hybrid cloud solutions for financial services (FS) firms are examined alongside uptake; the Infrastructure (IaaS), Platform (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service... read more