Data Centres: is now the best time to outsource?

23rd October 2014

Company: bobsguide
Many organisations are faced with challenges around their IT needs. Some companies are choosing to migrate their data environment which has caused a number of sleepless nights for many senior executives. As trends in big data and cloud computing continue to increase, many organisations will outgrow their current environment and have to outsource or... read more

Ready to report for AIFMD?

22nd October 2014

Company: AxiomSL
The work fund managers have done to comply with the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) will be put to the test on 31 October, when they have to submit their first reports to regulators. It is clear that many will struggle to meet the European Securities and Markets Authority’s (ESMA) requirements, which present both... read more

Apple cash-in on the mobile payments market

21st October 2014

Company: bobsguide
As of yesterday, if you live in the US and have an iPhone 6 you can start making payments with your fingerprint or by holding the phone over an enabled Point of Sale (POS) system. The new NFC payment system can only be used in the US at the moment and is only compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As well as making payments in fast-food... read more

Interview: Idea Group brings product management into the professional era

21st October 2014

Company: bobsguide
From the initial stages of product development through to completion, many product lifecycles do not provide the visibility needed between departments or the tracking required to determine product development at each stage. bobsguide talks to Bill Gourlay, CEO, Idea Group about their latest solution, Prodigy which not only aims to provide... read more

Mobey Day 2014: The HCE Tap Is Open, Let NFC Services Flow

20th October 2014

Company: Mobey Forum
I was prepared for Mobey Forum’s third annual Mobey Day event to be a lively affair. Bringing banks together with, amongst others, GSMA, chip manufacturers and mobile payment software providers to discuss the future of near field communication (NFC) was always going to ignite debate. What I was less prepared for, however, was just how far and... read more

Is your cash application process a time and money-drain?

20th October 2014

It is one of the most basic activities we have, buried deep in the back-office of Finance & Accounting teams around the world. The steps are simple: you have delivered goods or services to your customer; you have raised an invoice; and your customer has dutifully paid you (either electronically or by cheque). Easy. All that remains is to... read more

Interview: FICO explains the importance of big data analytics

17th October 2014

Company: bobsguide
Big data analytics is being used by financial institutions to make sense of large amounts of data, improve predictions and support decision making. In a time when banks are trying to become more customer-centric and use their customer data to offer specialised services, FICO provides analytics software and services to help financial services... read more

Commercial Bank of Dubai enables customers to make transactions through Facebook

16th October 2014

Company: bobsguide
The Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) has launched a Facebook initiatve which enables UAE residents to make bank transactions from their Facebook page. This move makes CBD one of the few banks across the world to allow users to manage their bank accounts through their Facebook accounts. CBD online banking customers with a Facebook account can now... read more

Africa: the golden digital currency opportunity?

16th October 2014

Transport and technology limitations in sub-Saharan Africa has led to 80% of the population being considered ‘unbanked’. Much has been made of African consumers and businesses’ openness to innovation, illustrated by the expanding footprint of mobile money. Despite 80% of the Africans have access to mobile phones or other online... read more

Do financial firms need to retain call recordings until the end of time?

15th October 2014

With regulators across different markets demanding longer retention periods for call recordings and internal pressures to upgrade existing call recording systems, how can financial firms best keep on top of their call recording estate? Call recording retention periods There is a distinct lack of clarity on retention periods for call... read more