Why the impact of data breaches will lead to collaboration in 2015

7th January 2015

Company: NTT Com Security
The impact of data breaches has been felt far and wide in 2014. This year alone saw Sony, JP Morgan Chase, European Central Bank and eBay fall victim to an attack. Large or small, every firm is faced with challenges around cyber security and how to protect its critical data. The increased dependency on technology, combined with the evolving... read more

Help us find the top FinTech deal of 2014

7th January 2015

Company: bobsguide
2014 was a big year for financial technology investment. The amount of funding poured into the industry has increased five-fold over the last five years, with companies such as Square, Credit Karma and China’s Renrendai receiving $100m-plus in funding in 2014. The last year also saw FinTech investment in UK ventures grow more quickly than in... read more

Four Things You Need to Know About MiFID II

6th January 2015

Company: FIS
According to a survey conducted by SunGard at Sibos 2014, nearly half of the 130 people polled (47 percent) reported that increased risk and regulations will have the largest impact on how companies conduct business today. One set of regulations that is affecting everyone from small retail investors to tier 1 exchanges is the European... read more

Korea to grow fintech sector in a bid to boost flagging financial industry

6th January 2015

Company: bobsguide
The South Korean government plans to boost the country’s weakening financial industry by strengthening the use of information technology in financial services – known as fintech. According to Shin Je-yoon (Chief of Financial Services Commission) the government plans to unveil a policy to encourage the development of financial... read more

Bank of England to shed light on financial crisis

5th January 2015

Company: bobsguide
Minutes detailing the Bank of England’s response to the 2007-2008 financial crisis will be revealed this week. The decision to release the meetings of the Bank of England'd directors between 2007 and 2009 comes after requests from the Treasury select committee for the Bank to become more accountable. Alongside the 2007 to 2009 minutes,... read more

Predictions for 2015

5th January 2015

Company: Invu
1. The big 4 tech trends:  Mobility, Cloud, Big Data, Social If Microsoft are to be believed the megatrends of the moment are Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and Social – and to be fair – the signs are there.  While IT departments are still trying to spell BYOD (Bring your own device), the population as a whole is now used to, and... read more

Alternative lending volumes hit record levels during 2014

24th December 2014

Company: bobsguide
According to research from business advisory and accountancy firm Deloitte, alternative non-bank lenders recorded a 109 per cent increase in deals in the UK and Europe during the third quarter of 2014. Deliotte’s Alternative Lender Tracker recorded 73 deals for the quarter which is over double the 35 deals recorded for the same quarter in... read more

Sony cyber security hack could inspire copycats

23rd December 2014

Company: bobsguide
Following news last week that Sony has scrapped the theatrical release of comedy The Interview after threats from cyber hackers drove a number of US Cinema chains to say they would not screen the film, cyber security experts warn that withdrawing the movie could inspire further attacks on other companies.   The Financial Times (FT) reports... read more

American bank supervisors release virtual currency policy

22nd December 2014

Company: bobsguide
The cyptocurrency community received some positive news last week when the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) released their draft policy on state virtual currency. Although the CSBS does not have a direct say in state financial laws it does hold influence on state banks as the only coalition of state bank regulators in the US. The CSBS... read more

Barclay’s chief executive says £500m for forex settlements is not enough

19th December 2014

Company: bobsguide
Barclay’s chief executive, Anthony Jenkins told Sky News earlier this week that the £500m the bank has set aside to settle allegations that they took part in the manipulation of the foreign exchange market will not be enough. According to a BBC report, Jenkins said that he expects future settlements with US authorities to increase... read more