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Bank RPA market set for boom

6th April 2021

Company: bobsguide
Banks are becoming increasingly reliant on robotic process automation (RPA) technology – a trend that is expected to become more entrenched. According to SSON Analytics banks are by far the largest RPA users, coming in at a 51 percent share of entire market share. Next highest on the list is business process outsourcing at just 15... read more

Online insurance sales: Is it enough?

2nd December 2020

Company: Comarch Finance
The current epidemiological situation has become a driving force for many customers to change their buying habits. Also in the case of insurance: those who buy policies increasingly want to do it online. According to the Capgemini report, as many as 75 percent of the insurance company's customers worldwide would change their insurer if the... read more

UK fintechs poised to save credit-starved SMEs

18th November 2020

Company: bobsguide
Viable businesses in Britain will require more low-cost finance for investment if they are to survive the blows of the pandemic – and it must come in the form of a “major commitment from the financial services industry”, warned the Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey in a speech this week. Also this week, Bank of... read more

Data challenges persist with SFTR buyside go-live

19th October 2020

Company: bobsguide
With the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) for the buyside now live, reconciliation issues linger from July’s implementation date. “People have been getting generally very good matching rates on the primary matching for SFTR, but there’s lots of work to move on in terms of actually reconciling all the other... read more

Lack of tech standards complicates audit

5th October 2020

Company: bobsguide
Despite advantages, technological advancements could complicate the already complex shared audit process, according to a panel of accountants during an Accountancy Age Live Discussion on October 2. “I think potentially audit technology could be a barrier to some of the reforms, particularly in shared audits,” said Richard Spofforth,... read more

Health and wealth: happy together

5th October 2020

Company: Comarch Finance
The last year acquisition of InstaMed, a healthcare payment solutions specialist, by JP Morgan, has delivered significant benefits to customers of both parties of the deal. It allowed for combining innovative solutions and the vast payment capabilities using the strength and scale of the bank, and healthcare industry experience of the technology... read more

Video: Insurers turn to tech amid disruption and payouts

24th September 2020

Company: AutoRek
Insurers are embracing technology as the pandemic continues to disrupt the industry, but interest in partnerships does not yield immediate implementation. “We’ve definitely seen an uptick in interest and demand – people reaching out, wanting to understand what’s possible, how a solution might work for them and to explore... read more

Older generations overlooked in banks’ digitisation efforts

7th September 2020

Company: Entersekt
Until recently, there was reluctance amongst some to embrace digital banking. And then the coronavirus spread. The pandemic has made many more people move to digital channels out of necessity. In their push to stay relevant, most banks have concentrated their digitisation efforts on the requirements of Gen Z and Gen Y, a growing potential... read more

Incumbent retail banks balancing consumer need and tech

21st August 2020

Company: bobsguide
“If our CEO came to us and said ‘right, we want to rapidly digitalise this bank so that we do everything that we do today only through digital channels,’ we would have sized that and said we're going to have to stand up multiple programs, it's going to take us 12 to 18 months because that's what everything takes... read more