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Entity risk – be prepared for understanding issuer exposure intra-day

14th October 2010

By Mark Basch, Senior Business Analyst, Reference Data Product Development, Interactive DataThe turbulence in the global financial markets over the last 18 months has heightened awareness about the risk management practices of financial institutions around the world. Firms are focusing on many types of risk, including liquidity, market and... read more
Payment Factory 2.0: reshaping treasury efficiency

Payment Factory 2.0: reshaping treasury efficiency

9th September 2010

By Mickey Vonckx,business development manager,Hanse OrgaIn the last two years a great deal of literature has been published around the financial crisis and its implications for corporate treasury. The demand for efficiency gains is stronger than ever before and has become a catalyst for treasury departments across the world to undertake the... read more
Keeping up with the machines: Direct Market Access and the move to real-time post-trade risk management.

Keeping up with the machines: Direct Market Access and the move to real-time post-trade risk management.

8th September 2010

Company: Patsystems
By James Tomlin,director of Risk Systems,PatsystemsOver the last few years, a growing proportion of volume on the financial markets has come from automated trading engines, capable of thousands of trades per second. Exchanges have introduced co-location facilities and other measures to facilitate this activity, and clearing firms increasingly... read more

The weakness of rule based systems in Middle and Back Office risk analysis data solutions

6th September 2010

Company: Sinus Iridum
By Mark Geffryes, business development director, Sinus Iridum Let’s hear it for the operations team Typically middle and back office systems ensure that all trading and transactional information is recorded correctly, all governance issues are complied with and all processes behind the scenes run smoothly. In short, this is the function that... read more

Role of testing in error-free user-friendly trading systems

11th August 2010

By Sai Chintala,vice-president, Technical Services,AppLabsThe structure of the equity markets has witnessed major changes due to budget pressures, new market regulations, and emerging technology advancements, leading to the evolution of new private exchanges to compete with established exchanges. The exchanges were swift in adopting these... read more
The evolving payments lifecycle

The evolving payments lifecycle

29th July 2010

By Adrian Stafford-Jones, managing director, Albany SoftwareThe cashless society may be rapidly dawning but are UK businesses realising the benefits of electronic payment mechanisms? Organisations now have the chance to rationalise payment methods by removing expensive cheques, CHAPS and credit/debit cards from the mix and consolidating to the... read more
Risk management for corporate treasurers

Risk management for corporate treasurers

26th May 2010

Company: FIS
By Paul Bramwell, SVP Treasury Solutions,SunGard’s AvantGard. As we gradually emerge from the financial crisis, strong risk management measures are being hailed as the solution to previous failures that caused the credit bubble to burst. But for corporate treasurers, what does risk management mean, and how can the right risk management techniques... read more
Cashing in on banking security and compliance

Cashing in on banking security and compliance

20th May 2010

Company: Ipswitch
By Jonathan Lampe, VP of Product Management, Ipswitch File Transfer division. With awareness of data breaches at an all-time high, banking institutions are working hard to implement policies and solutions that protect sensitive financial information along with their reputations and industry competitiveness. In today’s digital world, critical... read more