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Report: Insurance industry takes tech and trust hit

11th June 2020

Company: bobsguide
Insurers face new threats as impact of coronavirus challenges tech stacks and complicates customer contracts. While the shock of the pandemic is being felt across all industries, insurers are grappling not only with the need to revamp legacy technology, but the potential loss of trust from customers who rely on them for support as the lockdown... read more

Coronavirus update: challenger bank agility provides advantage over incumbents

13th March 2020

Company: bobsguide
Incumbent banks may struggle to adapt to the impact of coronavirus as remote working and customer services falter. Commentators say these challenges could leave digital challengers with the advantage. “Do the existing banks, the traditional banks, struggle to allow their staff to work remotely compared to challengers? You may find that the... read more

Why financial institutions are moving away from transaction monitoring

19th November 2019

The past few years have borne witness to scandal after scandal, as Europe has struggled with a torrent of financial crime – specifically money laundering. Although it’s impossible to accurately estimate the true scale of the issue, research undertaken  by Europol suggests that laundered money could account for anywhere between 0.7... read more

(L)ibor reform: How will it affect bank treasury functions?

25th October 2019

Company: SimCorp
Regulators are increasingly interested in industry progress and bank treasury readiness for the (L)ibor reform. In this  article, EY and SimCorp experts explain why it’s crucial that bank treasurers can demonstrate a tangible action plan for addressing the (L)ibor reform’s implications for specific functions. Is your... read more

John Glen MP: "Rapid" evolution of cash alternatives needed

3rd October 2019

Company: bobsguide
Innovation in alternatives to cash must become a priority, according to John Glen, economic secretary to the UK government's treasury. “I completely embrace the opportunities that exist in other [payment] sources. I am not trying to hold onto cash, what I am trying to do is to say that the recognition that we feel in government,... read more

London Lord Mayor: Emerging markets threaten UK’s fintech status

3rd October 2019

Company: bobsguide
The UK must drive innovation to remain a key fintech hub as emerging markets scale rapidly, according to Peter Estlin, Lord Mayor of the City of London. “We’ve talked about the sheer strength of fintech here in the UK and it is a mark of quality and it’s regarded for that quality around the world. But if you look at scale,... read more

Google’s Breslow: Very little actual financial crime is being detected

25th September 2019

Company: bobsguide
A large portion of financial crime is going undetected due to data problems causing high levels of false positive rates in financial institutions’ fraud detection systems, according to Stuart Breslow, managing director of technology and policy at Google. “The error rate was very gently put as significant,” said Berslow on a... read more

Deutsche Bank’s Sewing: EU tech investment crucial to combat slowdown

25th September 2019

Company: bobsguide
Europe's stuttering markets must do more to attract investment in technology according to Christian Sewing, chief executive officer at Deutsche Bank. “We simply aren’t that interesting anymore for many investors in companies,” said Sewing at the Sibos conference in London this week. “We must be alert that... read more

Case study: How Nishkama Capital grew its operation with Eze Eclipse

13th August 2019

Company: SS&C Eze
Nishkama Capital, a long/short equity fund based in the US, became one of the first adopters of Eze Eclipse, SS&C Eze’s born-in-the-cloud investment management solution, in 2017. Thanks to the platform’s adaptability and continued support from the Eclipse team, Nishkama’s operation was able to get up and running quickly, and... read more

Fintech glossary of terms

26th June 2019

Company: bobsguide
Accelerators A venture or scheme that promotes and aids the rapid growth of selected new small businesses. Acquirer A company that buys the rights to another company or business relationship. Acquirers are also financial institutions which buy rights to a merchant account which allows them to service and manage the merchant’s... read more