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A surge in payments trends: FIs forced to pivot quickly during pandemic

22nd April 2021

Company: bobsguide
The increased demand for contactless payments during the pandemic meant financial institutions had to pivot quickly to asses market structures and what features and products to prioritise, according to Sajni Shah, co-head of product at Starling Bank. The first quarter of 2020 saw a larger shift towards digital payments in 10 weeks than in the... read more

Paytech market updates: Paypal, Afterpay and Stripe lead innovations

20th April 2021

Company: bobsguide
On April 19, payments platform Stripe launched its Stripe Issuing service in 20 European countries allowing businesses to design, create and manage their own cards. The service is popular among US business customers and will give European business users more control in how and where their money is spent. On April 9, the Inter-American... read more

Q&A: Reconciliation solutions aiming to step up travel & tourism recovery

19th April 2021

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
BG:What prospects do the travel & tourism industry face in the post-pandemic recovery period? IP: Business heavily suffered during the pandemic lockdowns. The broad travel & tourism segment has been among the hardest hit, some exited the business. Air transportation, holiday reservation platforms, hotels, recreational facilities and the... read more

Digital financial services require accessibility, convenience and transparency

31st March 2021

Company: bobsguide
Accessibility, convenience and transparency are key in the push for consumer adoption of digital payments and financial services, with both bank and non-bank financial institutions expanding their offerings, a panel of experts said at the BIS Innovation Summit on Tuesday. “First is accessibility, micro everything. Second is about... read more

Receivables finance to prioritise invoice fraud threat

29th March 2021

The receivables finance industry is particularly at risk from corporate fraud with many concerned about the possible disincentivising impact that increased invoice finance fraud might have on lenders at a time when businesses need their support more than ever. Fortunately, and largely owing to the acceleration of digititalisation, there are a... read more

Payments Europe sec gen: Regs are more political than ever

26th March 2021

Company: bobsguide
Discussions around Europe’s retail payments regulations have become less about the end-user and more about the bloc’s politics, according to Robrecht Vandormael, secretary general at Payments Europe. “Before, this [payments] was regarded as a very technically-driven field, but in recent years, politicians and the EU have put a... read more

Managing the financial close: Traditional challenges and challenging tradition

8th March 2021

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
Even without being acquainted with the craft of accountants, many have picked up stories about the gravity of the financial close. A nerve-racking event which takes place every year-end and originates numerous anecdotes and memes. What is financial close? The financial close is a crucial process that rounds off the daily efforts of the... read more

Alternative tech costs spiking during crisis

25th January 2021

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
2020 will go down in history as a tumultuous year. We are in a defining period of time, challenging human ingenuity, perseverance, and priorities. Adapting to change can be painful and uneasy and it takes time to realise the opportunities for improvement it presents.   Businesses are compelled to face the reality of change and deal with it... read more

Lockdown 3.0: The continued implications of remote trading

25th January 2021

With much of Europe and other global jurisdictions returning to yet another lockdown, we can be reasonably confident that markets will cope well this time around. The second lockdown coincided with the traditional end of the budgeting season and led to many firms shifting their priorities towards working from home and remote trading. This lockdown... read more