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People increasingly look to digital P2P platforms to enable social distancing

7th July 2020

Company: MasterCard
It might feel like a lifetime ago, but think back to the last time you visited a restaurant with friends. How did you split the bill? Multiple cards and scribbled math to calculate how much everyone owed? Was it a mix of some paying cash and others using cards? Did you have to sit and wait for change? Even before the pandemic, many people had... read more

Interest in cryptos grows as retail investor look to benefit

18th June 2020

Company: bobsguide
In March, market disruption caused by the pandemic followed a drop in the price of cryptocurrencies - including Bitcoin, which lost half of its value in a day, according to a Coinbase report. Despite this, Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino saw an increase in investment in its digital asset from retail traders. “Usage of cryptocurrencies appears... read more

Ecommerce during pandemic and why reconciliation matters

15th June 2020

Company: ReconArt, Inc.
As the pandemic spread, so did a joke – across social media: Who drives the digital transformation efforts in your company? CEO CTO CIO COVID-19 It’s funny because it rings true. Businesses around the world saw themselves amid an unprecedented situation as the pandemic hit. Lockdown restrictions and social isolation... read more

Digital gap widens between traditional banks and challengers

11th June 2020

Company: bobsguide
The gap in digital performance continues to grow between traditional banks and challengers as the pandemic exposes incumbents’ inability to adapt.  Mark O’Keefe, founding director at Optima Consulting and Payments Systems Regulator (PSR) panel member, says few incumbents have stepped up to the plate during the pandemic. ... read more

Automation reconciliation services are coming on leaps and bounds

9th June 2020

Company: FIS
For many, their reconciliation software has become part of the office furniture – sat in the corner, not upgraded or even reviewed in years. But there is a growing shift toward updating or introducing new reconciliation solutions that are service-based, standard-driven and highly focused on automation, according to Richard Chapman, vice... read more

LatAm embraces OB

14th May 2020

Company: bobsguide
Effective since 2018, the implementation of Open Banking standards in the UK has established a model across the globe – particularly for ambitious Latin American countries looking to digitise their financial system. Last week, Brazil released its new open banking rules aimed at enabling data sharing and services among financials, payment... read more

Pandemic sees boom in contactless payments, but cash likely to remain

7th May 2020

Company: bobsguide
Government lockdown rules and health organisations’ instructions have created a boom in the use of contactless payments – a new habit that is likely to remain after the coronavirus crisis subsides, says Luc Gueriane, chief commercial officer at Moorwand. “The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of contactless payments,”... read more

Real-time liquidity insight in the current climate

5th May 2020

Company: Planixs
NR: Welcome Des, you and I have known each other for some time now, but for those that may not know you or your work, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Cupula Consulting? DL: Sure Neville, be happy to. I have worked in the Financial Services Industry for over 30 years and I’ve been fortunate enough to have held... read more

Exploring AI in wealth management

5th May 2020

Company: Profile Software
However, the investment management sector heavily relies on customer preferences as well as on the ability of the sector to adjust to industry standards, so technology evolution is usually the least of the wealth management firm’s concerns, or isn’t it? How has technology reshaped the industry in the past decade? Back in 2010 many... read more