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US banks may struggle with same-day ACH window

9th January 2020

Company: bobsguide
Mid and lower tier US banks could find it difficult to run a third batch process within a business day to accommodate an additional same-day Automate Clearing House (ACH) settlement window, according to the head of global payments at a tech vendor.   “I think it is the tier three, four, and five banks that will go, ‘wow,... read more

Enough is enough: the onslaught of FS regulatory demands won’t cease, so capital markets participants need a new approach

5th December 2019

After more than a decade of intensifying regulatory scrutiny, and calls for greater transparency across financial markets, it is striking that so many capital markets participants are still mired in compliance-related IT and data complexity without an end in sight. Ultimately, this is because they have not solved some fundamental trade data... read more

Give thanks for the Fed – intraday liquidity reflections from New York

3rd December 2019

Company: Planixs
I’ve just returned to the UK after a week in New York where I was able to test the latest thinking and progress on intraday liquidity in the US and Canada. Here I provide six reflections on how firms are addressing the intraday challenge - keep reading to the end as reflection six explains how the Federal Reserve is increasing the intraday... read more

Smoothing the way for real-time frictionless payments

14th November 2019

Company: GTreasury
Corporate treasurers are experiencing more payments volume than ever before, with billions of transactions executed daily across a variety of channels, currencies, and countries. Enhanced formats are emerging at lightspeed, and organizational structures are shifting with buyouts/expansions and the adoption of multi-system environments. The... read more

Financial services in the 2020s: From Open Banking to Open Finance

13th November 2019

Company: The ID Co.
Technology continues to progress at breakneck speed. At the same time, regulations imposed by national and supra-national bodies are introduced very slowly. This leads to a lag in which technology can impact without there being ample regulatory safeguards in place. We see this across industry, with questions asked on an ever-increasing frequency: ... read more

ECB’s Löber: Industry must understand blockchain trade-offs

7th November 2019

Company: bobsguide
The payments industry is reaching saturation point with blockchain initiatives, according to the head of oversight division at the European Central Bank (ECB). “You have [blockchain] developments, if they are integrated into an existing service, existing infrastructures, it is incremental,” said the ECB’s Klaus Löber on a... read more

Banks looking for regulatory clarity before joining Libra

28th October 2019

Company: bobsguide
Addressing regulatory uncertainty will be necessary before banks look to join Facebook’s Libra Association, according to David Marcus, head of Calibra. “We’ve been asked and criticised for not having banks at the table from the beginning, but I just want to clarify that this was not our decision,” said Marcus, speaking at... read more

Bobsguide Payments Rankings 2019 announced

23rd September 2019

Company: bobsguide
This year we have asked market participants to select who they believe to be the leaders in the payments and paytech industries, and votes flooded in across the board.  Payments has become a fast moving vehicle, driven by regulation, market forces and technological advances. New players are emerging while incumbents look to reinvent... read more

Fragmented market and regulatory guidelines create Open Banking headache for PSPs

3rd September 2019

Company: TAS Group
Open Banking should have been a huge opportunity for Europe’s payment service providers (PSPs), but so far a lack of unified standards, the absence of harmonised fraud reporting requirements as well as the confusion around strong customer authentication (SCA) has caused great unrest for those within payments. In June, when the European... read more