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4 ways to ensure Open Banking doesn't become the next Cambridge Analytica

18th October 2018

Company: bobsguide
The Open Banking Initiative, brought in by PSD2 on January 13, heralded the start of a new dawn. A key proponent of European Banking Authority (EBA), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Competitions & Market Authority (CMA) policy, the permissioned release of customer data to third parties (TTP) from the incumbent custodians has already... read more

Suburbia founder: Startup or corporate, you're doing data wrong

17th October 2018

Company: bobsguide
The world’s biggest banks and corporations still rely on archaic data sources which haven't improved in decades, according to Hamza Khan, founder of alternative data provider Suburbia. "Data is expensive, it's slow, it's often out of date before it's even released.  We think we can do better with alternative... read more

Open Banking fuels rise of BaaS

17th October 2018

Company: ONPEX
The financial services industry is well used to the as-a-service suffix. A service offered to incumbents by a variety of specialist third parties as well as the preferred model of operating for agile challengers, banking-as-a-service (BaaS) has grown in popularity -and looks set to solve some age-old pain points. And the BaaS revolution may... read more

59% of asset managers preparing for no-deal Brexit

16th October 2018

Company: bobsguide
While Theresa May told the UK's House of Commons on Monday that a Brexit deal was “still achievable” with five months remaining until the UK leaves the EU, 59% of investment firms are working towards a no deal Brexit, rather than wait for any potential political resolution. For financial services the priority concern is... read more

Corporate cash forecasting: practical advice on how to overcome the key challenges

16th October 2018

Company: CashAnalytics
All large, multinational companies need to have a good cash and liquidity forecasting process. However, cash forecasting can be an extremely challenging task. Companies of all sizes struggle with accounting for unpredictable cashflows and unexpected expenditures in their forecasts (we address these concerns in this article on the power of clean... read more

SCA exemption: the perfect storm for machine learning

8th October 2018

Company: TAS Group
The payments community is well used to the abundance of acronyms that has become its legislation of late, but less so to the grey overlaps between various directives and standards - least of all Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) within the online and e-commerce payment experience. But Payment Service Providers (PSPs) are increasingly finding... read more

Access to group-wide data in Excel: Flexible reporting at STIHL

8th October 2018

The age-old problem with treasury reporting is that setting up reports takes time and money. Large Excel files with flexible data capturing features need to be prepared and sent to subsidiaries in order for these to enter the necessary data. The next challenge is to collect the data, identify and correct any formatting and data capture errors and... read more

How to design a cash flow forecasting model

4th October 2018

Company: CashAnalytics
One of the first steps in setting up a new cash flow forecasting process is designing a forecasting model. If the forecasting model is well-designed from the outset it can drastically improve the quality of reporting outputs, thereby helping to achieve overall business objectives. However, it must be noted that there is not a universal solution.... read more

Enterprise cloud strategy: When it’s time to move from on demand to dedicated cloud 

3rd October 2018

On demand clouds have created new business models and changed companies' IT strategies. For many applications and workloads there are alternatives which better suit the individual "use cases".   Every few months, a study is published that examines to what extent the cloud will change enterprise IT in the... read more

Fintechs scale up to take on incumbents

1st October 2018

Company: bobsguide
The great unbundling of the financial services industry continues in earnest as new market participants enter with increasing frequency. Their stated goal is to solve the problems that incumbent services are either too lethargic to handle or simply unable to provide. But it might be too easy to jump to the battle between big, slow bank... read more