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The demise of Libor: what next?

14th February 2019

Company: Calypso
Quoted daily for each of the main currencies across multiple tenors (1m, 3m, 6m, 12m), Libor represents the rate for which one bank would lend money to another for a set term. It is calculated as the arithmetic average of the submitted rates for each tenor and currency from a panel of banks, with the top and bottom quartile submissions discarded... read more

Politics and speed of change hit blockchain adoption

12th February 2019

Company: bobsguide
The slow adoption of blockchain solutions has little to do with the maturity of the technology but rather the speed at which it changes and the politics behind the consortia required to build the infrastructure, according to Adi Ben-Ari, CEO of Applied Blockchain. “We’ve found that in many environments the benefits could be... read more

Prepare for Brexit with industry-specific software

11th February 2019

Company: Dynamo Software
Eyes around the world are watching to see the outcome of the UK’s exit from the EU. With the March 29, 2019 Leave date looming, LPs in the UK and Europe face an increasingly volatile market. Britain and the EU have yet to come to an agreement on Brexit terms, which casts a shadow on the alternative investment landscape in both regions, and... read more

Banks pressurize trading venues for SFTR filing clarity

8th February 2019

Company: bobsguide
Major tier one banks are putting pressure on trading venues to provide a much more compliant Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) confirmation file from the beginning, according to Jonathan Lee, a senior regulatory reporting specialist at Kaizen. “Pretty much everyone in the chain is looking for ways in which to cut costs and... read more

Europe sets out fintech stall to face economic headwinds

6th February 2019

Company: bobsguide
Company leverage hit a ten-year high in January, with 48% of fund managers who took part in Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s market survey believing balance sheets are overleveraged. Normally bullish wealth managers remind investors that doing nothing can often be an effective strategy. At the beginning of February, the US Federal Reserve... read more

A smarter way to report on financial trades?

5th February 2019

New research by independent financial regulatory think-tank JWG, in partnership with Inforalgo, confirms that financial institutions are struggling to cope with their international trade reporting obligations, as regulatory requirements grow and diverge. Costs are escalating, and the risks of non-compliance too - and firms simply don’t have... read more

Meeting the initial margin challenge – part 3

4th February 2019

Company: Calypso
This third article in the IM series, generated from a recent Calypso Webinar on BCBS-Iosco regulatory initial margin (IM) requirements, recommends learning from those firms who have been through the IM compliance process already, drawing upon their experience through industry organisations such as ISDA and solution providers like Calypso, to... read more

5 steps to implementing AI for AML compliance

4th February 2019

By 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will save the banking industry more than $1trn, according to analysts. Of that vast sum, it is expected that banks and credit unions will save $217bn—simply by applying AI to their compliance and authentication practices, and to other forms of data processing. I recently reviewed the first steps that... read more

Legacy on-premise data management will be a thing of the past

30th January 2019

Company: bobsguide
New findings from Adox Research has warned asset managers and investment banks that cloud deployed, insight-driven data management will become the mainstream model in two to five years time, leaving legacy on-premise solutions to collect dust. But the research conducted, which surveyed c-suite executives in 2018, found that the largest concern... read more