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Fraudsters Have Bigger Fish To Fry: From Phishing To Whaling, Scammers Are Going For Bigger Wins

24th May 2016

Cyber attackers have gained sophistication, capability and bravado over the recent years, resulting in some complex and well executed whaling attacks.    Last year a California-based networking technology firm, Ubiquiti Networks lost $46.7 million and Belgian Bank Crelan, lost over €70 million due to whaling scams.... read more

Simcorp Coric, StatPro and Acutate on self-service data in client reporting

12th May 2016

Company: Osney Media
In an increasingly digital world, some asset management companies are struggling to keep up with client requirements in terms of reporting. Along with performance reporting to deliver results and risk reporting to comply with increasing regulations, investment managers need to provide investor reporting that meets increasing client expectations. ... read more

Biometrics and trust in banking and payments

11th May 2016

Company: Zoloz
Trust is a key asset of successful financial services providers, and any move they make to damage that trust can have a broad impact on their business. It is therefore of utmost importance that the solutions they offer, particularly ones that protect their customers, are thoroughly vetted.    When new technologies enter the market, it... read more

The state of the banking industry in 2016, according to Strands

10th May 2016

Company: bobsguide
There has never been a time of greater change in the banking industry. Customer demands are changing rapidly and banks are under huge pressure to adapt their services in line with these expectations. Here we talk to Dr. Marc Torrens CIO, Luis Rodriguez VP Product Strategy and Albert Morales Product Manager at Strands about the state of the... read more

Welcome to the FinTalk podcast series!

5th May 2016

Company: bobsguide
FinTalk is a fresh new podcast series where we drill down into what drives the brightest minds in finance and tech today. Brought to you by bobsguide, GTNews and PaymentEye, join us each episode for candid conversations with the leaders, investors and entrepreneurs behind the biggest brands in fintech.   In episode #1: Best known as... read more

When is a TPS not a TPS? A guide to effectively measuring system performance

29th April 2016

Company: Compass Plus
Payments system performance is a delicate subject as of late. System failures and downtime consistently make both industry and international headlines and paint the financial institution in question as inept at worst and clumsy at best. With more pressure than ever for well-established brick and mortar financial institutions to both adopt and adapt... read more

IFRS 9 Implementation: Challenges for Existing Accounting Models

20th April 2016

Company: Axway
On July 24, 2014 the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued the fourth and final version of its new standard on accounting for financial instruments – International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 9 Financial Instruments (completely replacing the former IAS 39 rule). The project was launched in 2008 in response to the... read more

Payment Incident Management: Controlling Costs

18th April 2016

Company: Velocimetrics
Every year banks spend millions managing incidents that impact their ability to process payments. A large proportion of these costs are frequently swallowed up with the issue’s investigation, repair and remediation, which is often still quite a manual process. These incidents can also generate compensation claims due to client SLA breaches,... read more

The Fintech Innovation Awards 2016

14th April 2016

Company: bobsguide
Acclaimed fintech entrepreneur Julia Streets hosted this year’s Fintech Innovation Awards where all the best companies in the sector were awarded in London, the city that has been defined as fintech capital of the world. Streets welcomed the newcomers at the event and highlighted that this was a sign of innovation as new fintechs were being... read more

How e-money issuers may be the biggest challengers to banks yet

13th April 2016

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost 20 years ago that ‘electronic money’ or ‘e-money’, the digital equivalent of cash stored on an electronic device, remotely at a service or in an online account was born. Emerging as a result of the digital revolution of the 1990’s which saw the introduction of the very... read more