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Regulation and the Coming U.S. Election – Competitiveness as Alternatives Jurisdiction Hangs in the Balance

22nd August 2012

By Phil Niles, Director, Product Development, Butterfield Fulcrum The list of problems in the financial world seems extremely long at the moment. The most obvious issue is the European debt crisis, but we can safely add a slowing global economy, the pending U.S. “fiscal cliff”, and a host of other items to this... read more

Why financial services and ‘big data’ can be mutually beneficial

17th August 2012

The financial services sector is typically expert at churning vast amounts of data, gathered over decades of customer interactions and transactions. Some financial institutions (FIs) might be said to have perfected the art of data analytics, but there is always more to learn about how ‘big data’ can be harnessed by FIs, says Sriram... read more

Show report: TradeTech envisages tough years ahead for investment banking

27th April 2012

Company: bobsguide
The worsening economic climate with the UK slipping back into a double-dip recession, the on-going eurozone crisis and the restriction of IT budgets as banks pull back and prepare for the impending post-crash regulatory challenges, were all weighing heavily on the minds of 2,000 attendees at the TradeTech 2012 show in London’s Excel Arena... read more

The big noise around big data

3rd April 2012

By Marc Alvarez, senior director for reference data infrastructure, Interactive Data It’s a phrase that’s been hard to avoid over the last year: ‘big data’. But what exactly does it mean? Big data describes a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly difficult for firms across a wide range of industries to manage. In... read more
Why Hedge Funds Need to Consider Spreadsheet Risk

Why Hedge Funds Need to Consider Spreadsheet Risk

6th February 2012

Company: Koger Inc.
Risk undoubtedly plays a major factor in any business today, but for hedge funds in particular, with the complexity surrounding them, risk of any kind should sound alarm bells.One of the key operational risks that hedge funds face today is spreadsheet risk, which are still common practice but no longer viable in today’s operational environment... read more

Smartphones: What Security Risks Do They Pose?

2nd February 2012

Company: bobsguide
By Alan Thomas, a technology & media executive at the specialist insurer Hiscox Travel anywhere on a plane or train these days and you’ll no doubt notice that you are surrounded by people using a smartphone. They are an extremely useful modern tool that is used by many companies and individuals alike to keep in touch and do work while on the... read more

Instinet Market Structure Research: Seven Global Market Structure Trends to Watch for in 2012

6th January 2012

Company: Instinet
As 2011 drew to a close and we at Instinet pondered what’s to come for traders, it seemed that 2012 would not so much see an emergence of entirely new trends but instead a continuation of many of the same developments from the past few years. The environment is unquestionably challenging. There are, however, some pockets of opportunity in which... read more
Automating the P2P process with document management

Automating the P2P process with document management

21st December 2011

Company: V1
By Julian Buck, managing director, Version OneAmidst a turbulent economic climate, UK businesses are looking at ways to cut costs while ensuring greater control over spending. Procurement is under close scrutiny in many UK organisations, however somewhat surprisingly, some companies’ procure to pay (P2P) processes remain paper heavy and labour-... read more
Why banks need real-time risk data at their fingertips

Why banks need real-time risk data at their fingertips

16th December 2011

Company: SAS
By Dale Stevens, head of Capital Markets, SAS UKThe global financial crisis and ongoing market volatility in the eurozone are having profound implications for the capital markets. A bout of stringent regulation has swept through the industry in recent years and banks are under pressure to better understand their risk exposure. The global regulatory... read more

Cloud computing is key to compliance with FSA mobile regulations, says IT vendor

25th October 2011

Company: bobsguide
Cloud computing is an important innovation which can help financial firms comply with new regulations surrounding the storage of mobile conversations, an IT vendor has said. New regulations from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) mean organisations working in the financial services sector will need to retain more data surrounding trader... read more