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Industry advocates are specialists in their field. Finding industry advocates who can aid your business is simple with bobsguide. We list a range of specialist organisations which can help you to achieve your business aims.

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Looking for business specialists?

The fast-pace of the financial sector means that companies need to keep up with innovation and constant change in this sector. It is always important to find new ways to stay a step ahead of the competition and industry specialists could help your organisation to flourish.

Having access to the best industry advocates across a range of different specialisms is one way to help make this a reality for your business. This is where bobsguide comes in - by becoming one of our members you can compare and contrast the various specialist organisations which represent and report on the shared interests of global financial marketplace.

Different types of industry advocates

Many organisations use bosguide to locate the business specialists that are right for them. We have made it easy to find the specialist organisations you require by putting the different types of industry advocates into separate categories, to make the process of finding the most relevant service as quick and easy as possible.

The first section on our industry advocates homepage is related to financial IT conference and event organising. This quite simply lists vendors involved in the field of financial industry events. Whether you are looking for assistance in hosting a conference or want a consultancy that can help you make the most of your presence at such a gathering, this is the portal to visit.

Meanwhile, the professional organisations category is where you will find information on the specialist organisations that provide services related to specific markets and have related services on offer to our members.

Our final section is publications/journals. Here is where a range of relevant media services covering different sections of the financial software and technology market can be found. Publishers of different magazines, journals, newspapers and newsletters are all listed on our site.

On our industry advocates homepage, you can also find the latest news relevant to the sector, as well as accessing white papers and case studies.

Find the best industry advocates with bobsguide

At bobsguide, we want to put you in contact with the industry specialists who can best aid your organisation. By carefully collating the different kinds of services available to our members, we make it simple for you to make the most of our service.

Register with us today to take advantage of the specialist vendors available on bobsguide. It is totally free to join up and our dedicated news service will mean that you can also able to keep updated with the latest events from the global financial sector.