siena Front Office

siena Front Office

Real-time Front Office deal capture and position keeping for FX, MM, Options and Derivatives

siena Front Office

siena is a dedicated real-time front office system for foreign exchange, money market, bond and derivative products. siena is a best-of-breed solution that offers unparalleled look, feel and functionality. siena is available as part of Eurobase’s siena STP integrated straight through processing solution or as a stand-alone solution linking to third party back office and accounting systems. Based on a 100% object orientated architecture, siena is considered by many traders to be the most functionally and technologically advanced trading system currently on the market. siena is proven to support high volume trading operations on a global basis.

siena Highlights

  • Total real-time control of your treasury area within one system; all positions, product risk, exposure and P/L can easily be identified, controlled and managed - maximising your trading room or treasury centre revenue.

  • siena's truly global functionality provides for optimum use of, and therefore return on, your organisations capital throughout a 24-hour day.

  • Highly functional pre-deal credit limit monitoring (which includes full CLS functionality) facilitates the identification and control of credit risk prior to deal take-up.

  • Unparalleled look/feel, functionality and ease of use significantly reduce user time spent processing transactions, maximising efficiency and allowing users to focus on your core business activity.

  • Full "what-if" capability allows experimental deals/transactions to be carried out discreetly with live rate feeds for full scenario analysis and measurement without impacting your live system.
    Ultimately configurable, the siena solution can be tailored to fit your existing working practices with the minimum impact on your business operation.

  • Full web trading functionality extends the features and benefits of siena to your existing customers or other entities, both internal and external, and helps with the propagation of new business streams.

  • siena is an XML-enabled application facilitating easier connectivity to your existing systems, significantly reducing implementation costs and time

  • Our extensive experience in delivering customer specific enhancements with rapid turn around times supports the real needs of your operation at all times and importantly allows for the future growth and diversification of your business. For a low running cost you can continue to have a tool that actually supports and enhances your business rather than hinders and limits it.



Product and service specifications
• N/A
Language used
• Java
Operating system
• HP-Unix
• IBM i (i5/OS)
• IBM z/OS
• Linux
• Mac OS 9
• Solaris
• Windows 2003
• Windows 2012
• Windows 7
• Windows 8 & 8.1
Pricing structure
• Per seat
• Other
User interface
• Web
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