Duco Cube

Duco Cube radically lowers the cost and risk of reconciliation and data validation for financial services firms. We do this by empowering end users to set up complex controls from scratch, on an intuitive web-based platform, without expensive or lengthy technology projects. According to Aite group, the industry average time to set up a single reconciliation is 64.4 days, excluding data gathering. With Duco Cube it's 2.4 hours. (Source: “Reconciliation Trends in 2016”, Aite Group, 2016).

Product features:

  • Data agnostic - Duco Cube works with any type of data. Load it as it is, from spreadsheets, CSV, SWIFT, FIXML and more. The system will adapt to the formats, enabling you to start working immediately, without lengthy data transformation projects.

  • Pure self service - With Duco Cube, individual operations, finance and IT staff can set up even the most complex reconciliation and data normalization processes from scratch, within hours. Our unique “Natural Rule” language enables end users to write rules in English sentences, without code, then test and edit them iteratively until production-ready.   

  • Available on demand - Duco Cube is SaaS. New clients are live in 24 hours, on a hosted platform, with no installation, hardware or maintenance overheads. Monthly upgrades are seamless, immediate and included as part of the service. All customers benefit from our latest innovations.

  • Big data analytics - with the Duco Cube Data Platform, you can run analytics on over ten years’ worth of trading data. Explore trends to identify break rates, resolution times, amendments or bespoke performance indicators. Collate all data across an entire enterprise and report across siloed processes with ease.

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