Fundastic - Finding better investment alternatives

Optimize your fund- and/or ETF product universe with “Artificial Intelligence“ (AI).

Many portfolios carry underperforming, unattractive funds, or ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds). This leads to lower performance or often to unexpected losses. The reason that such investments are found in the market is that identifying i.e., eliminating them requires a lot of very specific data and a large set of data science experiences, high computational power and modern methods using machine learning. 

Fundastic is exactly doing this job for any bank, asset manager or fund-of-fund manager. 

Our solution:

1. Uncovering performing/non-performing funds

Fundastic can draw upon the global set of funds and ETF's (e.g. > 350,000 funds) to identify, which securities perform well, perform similar to their peers and which of them underperform constantly. This analysis takes billions of simulations to gain stable results. The result shows financial institutions per ISIN, whether the security is a "champ", "lucky champ", "lucky player", or "cramp". Even inside each cluster, a ranking can be found e.g. which is the best performing and worst performing security. Since the analysis uses many years of past performance data, the outcome remains stable.

Fundastic can even add value if you rely on existing fund ratings from the market players i.e. market data provider or platforms. 

2. Identifying better performing funds

Each security is clustered in specific buckets and enriched with comparable investments. Therefore, for any cluster, better alternatives (if existing) can be proposed, selected from hundreds of thousands of alternatives. This powerful selection eliminates thousands of hours of manual research which ultimately will never cover a global universe. 

Users receive multiple better investment opportunities to run a qualitative due diligence on top of the outcome. 

Hence, Fundastic makes sure that you are only investing in or offering the best available funds or ETF products. Efforts for monitoring, evaluation and benchmark analysis of your current product usage or offering are significantly reduced by the AI-based technology. A real USP to improve or enlarge your product shelf.


  • Real Estate Asset Managers 
  • Investors in Real Estates
  • Real Estate Fund Managers
  • Banks, insurances, or pension funds with larger real estate investments


  • Efficient product selection processes for CIO departements
  • Increased customer satisfaction through better performance or elimination of losses
  • Differentiation from the competition (USP)
  • Sustainable sales success


Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computation, Big Data

Product and service specifications
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Language used
• C++
• Java
• Python
Operating system
• Linux
• Windows 10
Pricing structure
• Subscription-based
User interface
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