Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality Compliance

MCO's Gift, Entertainment and Hospitality (GEH) is the most comprehensive solution for monitoring employee gifts, meals, entertainment, travel and hospitality activities available today. 

Automation with GEH helps to mitigate misconduct risk and drive a culture of compliance across the organization. Our Gift, Entertainment and Hospitality Compliance Solutions have huge benefits to organizations, including:

  • Integration with systems, such as HR and expense for more granular and actionable insight
  •  Enhance employee accountability 
  •  Improve communication through automatically routed information
  • Demonstrate appropriate and correct oversight according to jurisdiction
  • Transparency and actionable insight of potential G&E risk
  • Establish a compliance “system of record;”
  • Data is centrally maintained and secured allowing for easy recordkeeping and reporting
  • Establish an auditable, closed-loop process 

MCO’s Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality is part of the Know Your Employee (KYE) suite created to comprehensively address employee compliance. KYE is part of the MyComplianceOffice integrated platform that can automate compliance programs for supply chain and 3rd party operations (KYTP), and for transaction surveillance (KYT). These three interconnected suites with a central data center, cost-effectively address the challenge of Conflicts of Interest management and the risks of misconduct.  

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