Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated provides fully managed, high availability, secure OpenShift clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS). These are fully managed and supported by Red Hat on a premium 24x7 basis, with a 99.5% uptime SLA.

As a fully managed platform, the entire solution - including patching and upgrades - is managed by Red Hat.

Clusters are deployed across multiple AWS availability zones for resilience. They may be placed within Red Hat-owned AWS accounts, or customers may provide their own accounts.

Deployments are integrated with corporate backend systems via a number of networking options, and may be configured against a variety of corporate authentication systems, including LDAP and OpenID Connect.

The fully managed nature of Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated provides tangible benefits and savings to organisations that adopt the offering over self-hosted alternatives. The total economic impact of Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated is discussed in detail in the following analyst paper from Forrester:

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