StatPro Composites

StatPro Composites


Asset managers across the world have trusted StatPro Composites to instill investor confidence in their services and drive business growth since 1996.


  • Multi-currency and multilingual
  • Facilitates compliance with future and prevailing GIPS standards
  • Hosted solution, accessible via a browser, for flexibility, customizability, ease of installation and deployment
  • SSAE 16 Type II and ISO27001:2015 certified hosting operations
  • Highly scalable
  • Composite and Account reports with user-defined disclosures  for easy and flexible reporting
  • Over 1,000 global GIPS verifications

In addition to increasing your firm’s credibility by complying with GIPS, StatPro Composites promotes greater operational cohesion. Failures in data control and operational risk are mitigated because our technology streamlines the calculation, creation and maintenance of composites. The solution also enables more efficient reporting to external auditors and clients with a robust library of report templates that can be leveraged for your reporting needs.



  • Multicurrency composite creation, maintenance, management and reporting
  • Full audit trail
  • Reports library containing over 125 report templates to support marketing needs, internal controls and external audits
  • Manage single site and global firms with a single database
  • Unlimited rule generation capabilities and powerful new composite query definition  (to group accounts based on firm-specific criteria)
  • Task driven data management
  • Support for carve-outs and model portfolios
  • Multiple permission rights for users based on business requirements of firm
  • Enforced error correction policies, rules and sign off procedures
  • Association of accounts can be fully automated, manual or can be customized  based on client requirements
  • Reports in multiple currencies and languages. Supported formats include xls, xlsx, xlsm, doc, docx, docm, pdf, htm, mdb, csv, xml, xsl.
  • Bulk data export capabilities
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