EASY Contract

EASY Contract is a pre-configured solution package that allows organisations of any size to rapidly deploy and benefit from a Digital Contract Management system. EASY Contract provides the functions to create, negotiate, collaborate, store and manage contracts whether they be sales, procurement, or legal contracts.

In every department, we encounter and deal with a wide variety of contracts every day. Intelligent document management systems greatly improve speed, efficiency and reliability of digital contract management and processing.

Need immediate access to all your contracts, including attachments? Looking for a solution that will manage your deadlines, including a reminder function? EASY Contract can handle all this, plus lots more.  Our solution for digital contract management provides a complete overview of all active contracts while also providing functionality to create new agreements.

EASY Contract is Web-based, multi-platform capable, and open to integrating into other systems.


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Contract Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Document Management, Document Management Software

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