MX.3 for Operations

MX.3 for Operations provides a cross-asset framework for streamlining standard and bespoke business processes and helping solve the challenges of fragmented or obsolete legacy infrastructures. It is designed to meet the specific operational obstacles of FX, securities and derivatives operations.

Full deployment of MX.3’s business workflows leads to the highest STP rates in the industry. They cover the full cycle from price discovery and trade, to document and settlement processing, and hedge accounting, delivering operational excellence at every stage. MX.3 seamlessly integrates with execution and clearing platforms, ensuring transparency and real-time monitoring.

The solution facilitates regulatory reporting with functional coverage supporting EMIR, Dodd Frank Act and MiFID II / MiFIR, and can easily adapt to new business processes and regulations.

MX.3 Securities Settlement is a SWIFT certified application.

Ensure agile and efficient processes with MX.3 for Operations, enabling you to adapt to new opportunities and navigate the challenges of today’s capital markets.

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MiFID, EMIR, Dodd Frank, compliance, operations