EASY HR allows you to manage your organisations’ digital personnel and company files more efficiently than ever. With separate modules for managing employee records, employee on/off-boarding, job posting and applicant management, as well as training and development management, EASY HR can support your company with all HR department processes.

More than ever, HR departments are faced with increased pressure to be more efficient, as well as providing improved service and shorter response times, while keeping all departments of the organisation up to date at all times. Strict legal and privacy requirements increase pressure on HR managers, and effective access control and documentation of sensitive information are high on the list of priorities. EASY HR enables you to meet these challenges by easing the workload on the HR department and increasing your organisations’ efficiency.

EASY HR is designed to be user friendly with an intuitive user interface, mobile access to files by HR employees, and cost effective thanks to its “out of the box” and modular design.

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Data Management HR human resources training development efficiency applicant management

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