Exegy Hosted Solutions & Managed Service

Exegy Hosted Solutions

Experience data-as-a-service convenience when Exegy bundles feed connectivity, appliances, hosting, and managed services.  Allow Exegy to provide you with state-of-the-art, fully managed market data infrastructure that is dedicated to your business.  Receive all the benefits of assembling and managing your own infrastructure at a dramatically lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  • Utilize the lowest latency fiber network to access direct market data feeds
  • Select the right blend of Exegy products for your business needs
  • Exercise complete control over data content, product features, and operational actions and schedules
  • Rapidly scale the number of applications that consume real-time data
  • Add or remove data feeds on-demand to explore new markets and manage costs

In addition to lowering costs, you reap the benefits of Exegy’s global operational visibility and deep expertise in real-time market data and technology.  This allows you to keep your technical teams focused on core business initiatives.

Exegy Managed Service

Exegy understands the rigors of operating mission-critical market data systems. Exegy combines cutting-edge technology and a service-oriented culture to help firms redirect more resources to core business initiatives. All Exegy products are designed to seamlessly integrate with Exegy’s secure, global managed services infrastructure and all Exegy appliances are monitored and managed 24/7 by skilled operational professionals. This enables Exegy to provide a Managed Service of superior quality at a dramatically lower total cost.

The Exegy Managed Service offers consistent access to expert technical knowledge and enables fast resolution of real-time issues, as well as:

  • Monitors exchange feeds and appliances in real time
  • Manages capacity and performance tuning
  • Validates system correctness
  • Performs approved changes
  • Supports customer teams during scheduled off-hours testing and system maintenance
  • Reviews deployed system status
  • Provides managed services, product and remote management infrastructure features to support Reg SCI
  • Provides operational transparency through a hosted web portal

Ongoing, comprehensive support for Exchange-Driven Changes (EDCs) is provided by the Exegy Managed Service for all supported data feeds, including:

  • Development and testing of product enhancements
  • Expert-level support
  • Early access via the Exegy Beta program
  • Coordinated industry-wide testing
  • Remote system upgrades under co-managed change control
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