Exegy DataPort

Real-Time Market Data Access:  One API to connect you to all US equities market data feeds. Three solutions to match connectivity to your trading needs.

3 Ways to Access Liquidity 

DataPort’s market data solutions offer different ways
to access the liquidity your organization needs. Use DataPort as a cost-efficient source for your EMS or
middle office databases that support TCA and
compliance reporting. 

  • Tier 3 offers all US market liquidity with customizable aggregate views
  • Tier 2 enables you to access all US market liquidity from any direct feed
  • Tier 1 provides simple access to quotes and trade from the SIP feeds

Custom BBO and Price Book
Build a custom book of best bid and offer or composite prices in less time and without added app development. 

24x7 Support and Monitoring 

Supported Feeds
Our market data coverage includes: 

  • SIP Feeds: CTA, UTP, and OTC
  • NYSE Direct Feeds: OpenBook Ultra,
  • Order Imbalances, Integrated, BBO, Trades
  • Nasdaq Direct Feeds: TotalView, Depth of Market, Order, Top, and Trade feeds
  • Cboe Direct Feeds: BYX, BZX, EDGA, EDGX
  • Other Exchange Feeds: CHX and IEX
Product and service specifications
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Operating system
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