Exegy X-Port

Exegy X-Port:  A faster market data feed experience

Exegy X-Port provides access to direct market data feeds from US equities and derivatives markets.  Simply cross-connect to an X-Port point of presence in one of the major US co-location data centers and select the set of direct market data feeds that your trading infrastructure requires.  As a fully managed solutions provider, Exegy assumes monitoring, maintenance, and reporting responsibilities.

X-Port delivers a faster market data feed experience by eliminating centralized network hubs. Data feeds are sourced directly from each exchange and delivered directly to X-Port points of presence over the lowest latency fiber network. Once connectivity to an X-Port point of presence is established, new exchanges and feeds can be added quickly. Exegy’s experienced technicians and data experts assist you in establishing connectivity to an X-Port point of presence and guide your exchange entitlement work to ensure a smooth take off and minimize your time-to-market.

X-Port gives you the flexibility you need to grow quickly and efficiently. The primary X-Port point of presence is located in the Equinix NY4 data center in Secaucus, New Jersey. Connectivity can also be established in other major US co-location data centers such as Carteret and Mahwah, New Jersey, and Aurora, Illinois.

X-Port helps you lower the cost for accessing market data feeds, without sacrificing quality or speed. Industry leading technology allows you to reduce your exchange connectivity expense by over 10:1. X-Port furthers your cost savings by bundling common feed combinations and includes resilient cross-connect ports. No need to sacrifice the total-cost-of-ownership benefits of a vendor-supplied solution in order to have quality, speed, and service.

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