Firco Trade Compliance

When your business is financing or participating in trade, you need a source of up-to-date intelligence and tools to complete due diligence checks. You need a capability that can support your regulatory compliance on an ongoing basis.

With Firco Trade Compliance, you can complete all your compliance checks in one place. This screening includes vessels, ports, and dual-use goods, as well as the companies and banks involved in a trade transaction. Now you can significantly reduce the time required to assess a transaction, while ensuring you’re compliant with the necessary regulations.

A solution tailored to dual-use goods detection

Our intelligent matching engine is designed specifically for dual-use goods detection. It enables you to replace human judgment with structure and evidence for goods screening, providing the desired assurance for your compliance processes.

Capture the full lifecycle of a transaction

The Automated Screening Manager enables you to monitor against regulatory changes as they occur. You can take a proactive approach to risk, since there’s no need to re-key information during the trade.

With digital auditability through the full lifecycle of the trade, Firco Trade Compliance provides full transparency on all checks conducted, protecting your organisation from reputational risk and fines.

The intelligent trade finance screening solution that helps protect your reputation.

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Trade compliance; trade screening; screening of vessels, ports, , dual-use and controlled goods; detection; screening algorithms; TBML