Firco Compliance Link

If your organisation is seeking to streamline its account, transaction, and trade screening processes, Firco Compliance Link provides a stable foundation on which you can build your regulatory compliance and enhanced due diligence programs.

Firco Compliance Link offers a flexible and easy-to-deploy platform, unrivalled connectivity, best-in-class data, and user-friendly interface. Fueled by Global WatchList®, a comprehensive collection of compliance data, Compliance Link enables you to:

  • Conduct automated real-time and batch screening against multiple caution lists
  • Prioritise your work so each match is assigned a risk score, customised to your organisation’s risk assessment and tolerance levels
  • Configure modules, giving you control of screening and review processes
  • Optimise and tune your filtering process to your risk appetite and to reduce false positives
  • Convert your manual paper-based processes with an automated centralised audit trail

Whether you need to screen batches of data, such as financial transactions or customer files, or perform one-time lookups, Firco Compliance Link provides a flexible, secure, end-to-end solution that enables you to centralise all of your screening processes.

Benefits of Firco Compliance Link

Data for Screening—Compliance Link screens financial transactions, customer files, and individual lookups against a collection of sanctions lists, data enhancements, politically exposed persons (PEP) data, dual-use and controlled goods lists, and enhanced due diligence lists. In addition, Compliance Link allows you to create and maintain your own private screening data.

Screening Algorithms—Compliance Link provides a range of screening profiles to meet the needs of your organisation, including phonetic, fuzzy logic, Accuity token matching, and dual-use and controlled goods matching capabilities.

Match Management—Compliance Link increases productivity while offering greater regulatory control with its comprehensive case management, workflow, and prioritisation tools. Compliance Link analyses and manages all matches, distributes hits for review, and assigns customised risk scores to meet your organisation’s risk assessment and tolerance levels.

Data Preparation—For better control of false positive matches, Compliance Link properly formats your data before screening, parsing messages in SWIFT MT, ACH (including IAT), and FEDWIRE formats.

Also Available

Increase efficiency with the Automated Screening Manager

Compliance Link’s Automated Screening Manager provides intelligent, automated accounts screening with consolidated reviews and a complete audit trail that is regulator-ready. ASM utilises techniques that monitor your input and Global WatchList® data as they change over time.

Deployment Options

Accuity Hosted—Completely managed and maintained by Accuity, this software as a service option requires minimal internal maintenance for your company.

Intranet—This option offers complete scalability, integrating with your systems behind your firewall for maximum security.

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