US Payments Routing and Transit Number File

Financial institutions, organisations, and corporations across the US rely on the Routing and Transit Number File (RTN File) to provide reliable and up-to-date financial institution data and ABA routing information.

Count on this solution to reference comprehensive electronic transaction processing details for every US financial institution, including ABA routing numbers and essential ACH information used in everyday payments origination. In addition, eliminate data gaps with the critical wire and ACH data in one file, simplifying the payments process for institutions of all sizes.

As the Official Registrar of ABA Routing Numbers since 1911, Accuity provides the most up-to date ABA routing number information. With file-based solutions that provide regular updates and the option for email notices sent every time there are newly issued ABA routing numbers, Accuity ensures you receive current information for your ultimate convenience. Moreover, each day, our team of professionals input changes to ABA routing codes, bank branches, SSIs, and more so you can rest assured that your payments will process quickly and effectively. 

Benefits of US Payments Routing and Transit Number File


US Payments Routing and Transit Number (RTN) File enables you to:

  • Ensure same-day settlement with reduced exception items and failed payments
  • Verify ABA routing numbers for financial institutions and all of their existing branch locations
  • Reduce operational risk by helping to ensure the integrity of payments data
  • Enhance supplier and vendor relationships by helping to ensure accurate payments
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